Monday, January 18, 2010


There are many ways to release what we are holding on to that does not serve us. I learned the technique of grounding at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, and it has been the basis of my practice for the last 18 years.

Some of the energy that we hold on to contains our own truth, and some of it does not, because we have picked it up from places outside of us. BPI teaches us to release what is not our own truth using a grounding cord. A grounding cord is a connection that you create from your first chakra, at the base of your spine, down into the center of the planet. It can be anything you choose, a waterfall, a tree, a rope; anything in your imagination works. What we imagine manifests. Think of it as another way to choose the unfolding of your experience.

After you have created in your imagination a line of energy between your first chakra and the center of the planet, allow your body to release anything that does not serve you down the grounding cord, where the energy will be recycled. No effort is needed here, just a gentle intention to have it be so.

What would you like to release? Maybe some worry about the future or a specific person, or some self-limiting belief that is not really true about you or your ability to create without limits? This morning, in my meditation, I noticed that I was feeling a bit anxious, not about anything in particular but just feeling unsettled. I realized that I was holding onto worry about my family, my daughter and son-in-law moving to Northern California, my son and his girlfriend having to drive back to the Bay Area in the wind and rain, life issues my parents and siblings are facing.

A grounding cord is a wonderful tool for releasing unfounded worry. I sent that worry for my family down my grounding cord, in my minds' eye, and remembered again that I can trust the Christ within each of my loved ones to be safe and happy. The Christ within has all of the answers they will ever need.

I remember when I learned about grounding at BPI, an instructor talked about our being able to ground discomfort or disease from the body. I had a headache and decided to try it on that, in that wonderful spirit of a beginner where there is doubt because it's new to our experience, but also excitement about the what if this is actually possible? So I created a grounding cord and let my headache dissolve down my spine and out the grounding cord. And it worked! It was one of many moments in my training there that caused my awareness of who we are to bust wide open.

When I am able to release and let go, I create the space for a much higher consciousness to work.

May this tool be a blessing!

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