Thursday, March 31, 2011

What Would My Best Self Do?

It's a tongue-in-cheek name for a spiritual tool, but also a simple guidepost for living our days in as much harmony as possible.  Even though I know that God lives as me just as she did as Jesus, I find that asking what my best self would do seems more relevant.  It also feels much more attainable.

It's interesting to consider that we even need to ask the question, because we could assume that we are always doing our best.  But I've noticed lately in practicing this that it brings forth a better best, as I connect with the higher truth that is always there, waiting to be acknowledged.

I'm grateful for the powerful simplicity of this tool.  In the midst of my mind clamoring from one problem to the next, asking "what would my best self do?" brought immediate peace as I realized that my best self would not give so much importance to the worried side trips that my mind often takes.  What I had thought needed alot of my energy to solve actually needed none, so I had all of that energy to focus on experiencing joy in my day.

In my rising frustration with a patient at work, asking "what would my best self do?" helped me in an instant regain my compassion and my ability to allow that person to be without my judgment.  My agenda lost all importance as I realized how much more I could bring to the interaction by just being open to whatever the other person is bringing me in the moment.  I'm realizing that being present for someone out of judgment is the best thing we can give anyone.

I've noticed that asking "what would my best self do?" takes me out of the very automatic place where I am just reacting from old fears and beliefs.  As I focus on choosing my best I don't need to make anyone else less in my thinking, because my best self sees God in myself and in all things.

Considering what our best selves would do is a prayer, and always answered when asked.  I'm always surprised and grateful, delighted actually, by how easily these answers come when I do think to ask.  My highest lives right here within me, as me, always accessible.  All I need to do is say hello.

Asking, and then choosing to follow through with the answer that we get, allows us to live from our deepest integrity.  From that place of truth and wholeness, we do our best work in the world, and more fully express the glory of our own sacred lives.

What would your best self do?

May this tool be a blessing. . .

Monday, March 21, 2011

Releasing, Revisited

I was speaking with my husband this morning about how important and useful it is to have tools that help us to release. Being human is by its very nature a process of being surrounded by countless different variations of spiritual energy. Spiritual energy can be thought of in this context as the circumstances and vibrations that spirit creates to assist us in remembering our true divine nature.

Human beings are extremely sensitive, energy-processing machines. We process the energy that we encounter with varying degrees of conscious choice, depending on our level of awareness. With awareness we are able to affect, rather than become the effect of, the thoughts, moods and beliefs that we encounter on a moment-to-moment basis.

Knowing how to release is critical because as sensitive beings, we pick up a barrage of energetic “input” all the time. We are affected by what is going on around us, even though it may have nothing at all to do with us. When this happens our own life force can get “bogged down,” and we may feel less enthusiastic and clear about our path. It becomes harder to stay grounded in our own truth.

Once we’ve picked something up in our energy field, its vibration becomes active in our own awareness until we’re able to release it. And vibrations of energy can stay with us for a long time, especially if we’ve accepted them as true.

Thankfully, we can release them. A favorite tool of mine for releasing is a grounding cord, which I described in this blog in January, 2010. With a grounding cord we use our clairvoyant ability, or “seeing,” to visualize a line of energy between our first chakra and the center of the planet to let go of what we are holding on to that does not serve our highest. You can take a look at the January 18 post for more information.

Another favorite tool is simply turning an issue over to God. When I notice that I am worrying about something beyond my control, I consciously release it to be handled by divine consciousness. In these moments, I find peace reconnecting with the truth that there is a higher consciousness at work in the situation. And with that acknowledgement, I bring light to the situation, even as I step back from feeling the need to solve it myself.

Prayer and meditation are powerful tools for helping us release. Prayer is for many a way of letting go, and letting God. The act of focusing on our breathing in meditation allows us to surrender the worries of the world, and reset our own vibration to our deepest truth.

Many simple and fun things help us to release. Journaling, singing, playing music and even dancing allow us to shake off the energetic vibrations that can overshadow our truth.

Our Unity services often close with a very catchy song about releasing that goes, in part, like this. . .

I release with ease and grace,
What no longer serves me,
And open up to God’s abundant good!

May you release with ease and grace, and may this tool be a blessing. . .

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Healing Energy of Mary

There are countless beings, spirit guides, angels, or whatever name we want to give these points of divine consciousness that very greatly affect the vibrational quality of our human experience.  These beings of light, who from beyond the reality of form exert their benevolent influence for good, are available to each of us in raising our own vibration to align with the truth of who we are, and what we are capable of as physical expressions of the divine.

Mother Mary has been an important guiding light in my life for many years.  When I studied hands-on healing at the Aesclepion Healing Institute, Mary was one of the guides whose energy we called upon to bring forth spiritual healing.  The influence of spirit guides' energy is available to each of us, regardless of our religious or spiritual background.

These helpful spirit guides exist as pure energy, and they hold a very high and unshakeable vibration of truth.  All we have to do is place our awareness on it, and then allow ourselves to "match" it.  Just as we can hold our awareness on Jesus, or Buddha, or on any of our other wayshowers, we can hold our awareness on Mary, say hello to her very high vibration of truth, and then let it fill us.  That is all.

What I notice in saying hello to Mary is that hers is an immensely powerful vibration of healing.  I cannot acknowledge Mary's vibration without being filled with immediate peace, and the sense that I have her complete attention as I am held in light and love.  Fear subsides in that strong presence of mother/protector, and my human frailty and forgetting are blessed.  I find renewed joy in coming to my experience as a child, delighting in my toddler's steps as eternal spirit expressing as. . . me.

My son's girlfriend, Camille, an amazing young woman, beautiful and talented, sang for us recently a version of Ave Maria arranged by Noa.   It touched me deeply, both listening to Camille's angelic voice which brings tears, and to the lyrics which speak well to the vibration of Mother Mary.

Ave Maria, where have you been hiding?
Don't you know we need you!
Things are looking pretty bad down here.
I know that there is beauty, gentleness and laughter.
These are things you always stood for.
Help us find them too.

Ave Maria, where have you been hiding?
Don't you know we need you!
Things are looking pretty bad down here.
I know you hear the fighting, see the torch we're lighting,
On our quest for peace and freedom.
Help us see this through.

The energy of Mary is available to us at any time, to help us find peace, and to remember especially that we are never alone.  Mother Mary reminds us, by holding her eternal vibration of truth, that we are children of the divine, forever loved and safe.

May this tool be a blessing. . .

Monday, March 7, 2011


I have said that I write to remember, and this morning I stopped everything I was doing to put words to paper, so that much like taking a photograph of some beautiful scene in the high mountains that I love so much, I could capture my awareness of the gift of surrendering.

Not that I can ever really capture spiritual awareness through my words, because spirit is a state of being. As soon as I begin trying to define my experience, labeling it in the mind's way, I am holding it static. Already I am out of present time, because spirit just continues being, and creating anew.

But I continue writing, because just like with a picture of a beautiful scene in nature that I can go back and look at anytime, I am reminded of the truth of what is always there, even if I am not seeing it in any particular moment.

In my meditation this morning, I decided to acknowledge some of the things that I am grateful for. As I saw things in my mind and said thank you for each of them, I realized how long that process took. And I was only focusing on things that are happening in my life now.  My gratitude list is long!

It led me to ponder how all of this could have come to pass. How, in the middle of living a very ordinary life, filled with forgetting and confusion, worries about money, misunderstandings, working and raising kids and being so busy I didn't have time to even think about tomorrow, let alone being an unlimited creator made in God's image, immensely good things came to me anyway. What is the source, and the purpose, of those gifts that seem to have come from somewhere beyond my conscious intention?

Much like the gift of the breath that keeps coming, unbidden, filling us with life even while we are completely unaware of it, unimaginably good opportunities and situations come unbidden, too.

What I realized this morning was that during all of those early years, when I was doing so much and just trying to get through my days with a little bit of grace, I somehow knew to surrender. Somehow I knew, even before I embarked on a more conscious spiritual journey, that when I bumped into something I didn’t understand or couldn’t change, I had to let it go and move on. And along with that came the awareness that things would happen in their own perfect way and time. The wonderful realization is that I can look back and see that somehow they always did!

Even when I wasn’t completely clear about what I wanted, I knew to surrender what I didn’t want, and that made room for infinite intelligence to work through me to create many things in my life that exceeded any expectations I would have had if I had held on and continued struggling.

I realized that choosing to pull my energy out of a situation when I felt stuck has served me well countless times. It gave me time to rest and regroup, while unlimited good was at work behind the scenes.  I was reminded yet again that my good will always come to me no matter how stuck I get. I just have to surrender to the infinite wisdom within me.

May this tool be a blessing. . .