Saturday, January 9, 2010

Honoring Others' Paths

I was provided with another humble opportunity yesterday to remember to honor others' sacred paths. This seems obvious, but is not necessarily easy when people, especially people I love, are hurting and going through really hard, sad stuff. My truth tells me that we are all unique expressions of the divine, and that all of our creations provide us with opportunities to choose how to express the God part of ourselves. But sometimes when really challenging things happen, instead of seeing God within another person, instead of trusting the soul's purpose in dealing with that particular trial, I see a problem. I worry. I try to cajole them into making different choices. I become afraid for them, and at time it hurts.
But matching other people's pain doesn't change it for them. We are meant to express our compassion but not to suffer for people. Matching pain does not create light in the world. When we choose to see the greatness in another despite the circumstances, we help them see it in themselves. When we choose to see perfection at work in the world, we help bring it into being.
The minister at Unity has talked about feeling afraid sometimes for his adult children. They live far away, and he worries about their happiness, and their safety. He said that at those times he chooses to trust the Christ within them. In doing so he acknowledges the part of them that knows themselves as one with God, and infinitely capable of making decisions that allow them to express themselves fully and joyfully in this world.
There's a saying that a friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you've forgotten the words. I believe the song in my brother's heart is joy, and I will sing that song to him in his plight.
I chose to see him as the God that he is, made of the consciousness that created all of the perfection that I can see and imagine, standing tall in the light. He could never be less. I celebrate that for him.
May this tool be a blessing...

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