Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I wrote recently about a tool that is very helpful for me - writing letters to God. There is something about the act of writing the question, and then writing the answer, that helps me to keep my mind quiet and hear the answer. I can tell when my ego is trying to answer, because the response feels harder, and somehow rote. When the answer comes forth without effort, I know it comes from my God self.

I do believe that the God within has the answer to every question and the solution to every problem. From that consciousness came every invention, amazing work of art, each act of love. I forget that I am part of that consciousness and have all of the answers that I need at all times. I am grateful for all of the tools that help me remember who I am.

An excerpt from one of my letters to God. . .

Dear God,
I am seeking to renew my sense of purpose in my life. I have time now to focus on what has great meaning for me. I feel like I need to do something, but at the same time like there is nothing I have to do to be complete. I feel ready to stand and create something new, but what? What is my purpose?

Dear Sherry,
There is great fear of needing to get it perfectly that doesn't lead you to your truth. What brings you joy is your purpose. Forget the pull of what you "should" do. What would you love to do? You can live your purpose every day, doing the things that bring you joy, making new friends to have fun with, bringing yourself fully to whatever you do, trying new things. Your purpose is to glorify your life by doing what you love and not feeling bad about it. There's nothing more you "have" to do.
Consider this, your purpose is to be happy.

Thank you, God!

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