Sunday, February 27, 2011

Owning Your Abundance

I am struck sometimes when I consider the magnitude of the abundance that upholds this human experience.  Abundance is an inherent part of the divine consciousness that conceived of and maintains all of existence.

We could never be less than wholly abundant beings.  Life in its infinitely perfect way provides the challenges and the forgetting that support us in choosing to claim the abundance that is our birthright.  Our abundance expresses in our unlimited ability to create our experience.  What we envision, and hold as truth, we will manifest.  It is very hard for the human part of us to grasp the creative power of that.

That we are unlimited creators made in God's image, and can bring into being anything that we can imagine, is a miracle and a great joy.  It is also the guidepost for my own life's journey, as it is for many.

In my fledgling steps toward realizing the absolute truth of our human divinity, I think the most grace-ful thing that I have learned is that, paradoxically, creating is best done out of effort.  In fact, the less effort there is, the better it works.  I am very good at pushing, forcing, exerting my will, and worrying and fussing until I make something happen.  It is the habit that I fall back to when fear takes over and I begin reacting.  It's my default position, and also a very big waste of energy.  And it gets in the way of creating.

We are meant to envision our dreams, and then allow them to manifest; that is all.  That means trusting and letting go.  The things that I've most doubted I could create, but did, are the ones that I had to release to God within me, over and over and over again.  From many great teachers I have learned that it is not I, but God within me, that does the work.

In the end, abundance is having complete faith in the truth that as we ask we will be answered.  We likely won't be able to predict exactly each step of how it's going to happen.  But our intention is a knock on the door of infinite creative consciousness, and it is always opened unto us.

Abundance in this life comes from believing that we already possess that we desire.  There is nothing that separates us from our dreams.  Once we decide what it is that we really want, all we need do is step back and let it come.

This truth sits squarely in the middle of my most fundamental beliefs, but that doesn't mean I remember it always.  But I remember it often, and every time is a gift.  Every time I fear that maybe this is the time it won't work, maybe this is the time when I've come to the end of what I can do, or be or have in this life, but it does come to pass because I've released the limiting beliefs to the light of creation within me, my trust grows stronger for the next time.

So tonight I am, as always, grateful for the forgetting that allows me to remember.

May you own the limitless creative consciousness within you, and may this tool be a blessing. . .

Friday, February 18, 2011

Taking Risks

I am grateful to spirit's infinite wisdom for guiding me, repeatedly, off the path of least resistance.  I am not by nature a risk-taker.  It seems that I would be perfectly happy settling in to what I know and what I do, and enjoying my peaceful and relatively stress-free life.  That would all be fine and good, if not for the small voice within me that keeps pushing me out of my comfort zone.  Darn that voice!

The voice within has a habit of insisting on change, and growth, and pushing me forward when I really just want to coast for a bit.  I can ignore the voice for awhile, but while the voice is small, it is also very insistent.  For only so long can I disregard the urgings of that voice, which is the best and highest within me, the voice of God's expression.  After a time thoughts of "I can't," "I'm not ready," and "I don't know how" seem to give way, despite my repeated protests, to a new direction.

I've learned by now that I wouldn't actually be happier just settling in and maintaining the status quo.  The biggest gifts in my life have come when I've felt most uncertain that I had the ability to actually live up to what my heart was so strongly prompting me to jump into.  There have been wonderful dreams that seemed out of reach, but then some as-yet-untapped well of faith kept the dream alive while my personality caught up with what my spirit knew was right for me.

Follow your heart seems like trite advice, but there is profound wisdom in it.  From our hearts God speaks.  Oftentimes our hearts lead us into uncharted and seemingly-dangerous territory.  And our minds, always on guard to keep us safe, try to talk us out of going there.  But divine wisdom always knows which risks are worth taking.

I know the voice of my spirit's urging because it is, like all truth, steadfast.  It speaks over and over again until I"m ready to listen.  For as many times as I discount its gentle guidance in an attempt to stay secure in what I think I know, divine wisdom answers with another knock on my heart's door, reminding me of who I really am.

May you hear the gentle urgings of your spirit to risk all you thought you were, and may this tool be a blessing.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Healing in Nature

I spent the weekend recently with a group of dear girlfriends for our annual beach trip.  We rented a perfect little cottage overlooking the ocean to enjoy spending time in nature, and with each other.

I love being at the ocean, but it turns out that I’m the only one of the group who actually loves the mountains even more.  It doesn’t matter if I’m spending days there, or just driving through on my way to somewhere else.  My spirit hasn’t yet found a more sacred home than California’s high mountains.

My family teases me when we drive up there, because at some point I always stick my head out of the window like a happy dog and let the smell and taste of the tall pines and the forest floor fill my senses. 

The sound of the wind whooshing through the treetops washes over me and through me, and for a time nothing else exists.  I am at peace, in reverence of the complete perfection of this life that is beyond adequate words to describe it. 

I don’t get up into the high country as much as I’d like to, but thankfully there are many ways to bring the healing gifts of nature into our lives.  We can always find some aspect of nature’s beauty expressing itself, even in the middle of the concrete of the city.  If we take just a few minutes to stop and notice how the leaves on a tree dance in the sunlight, or how the storm clouds race past in deepening colors, we know the majesty of this precious planet.  We are reminded of the sacred miracle of this life we are born into, and of the deep privilege in our being here.

The powerful healing that we get from being in nature comes, I believe, from its ability to remind us of what is most true.  The divine consciousness that created nature’s infinite splendor reveals that same splendor moving in and through us with every breath we take.  And nature’s amazing beauty in all of its forms reflects the never-ending perfection in all of it.

May you take time to see all the good things, and may this tool be a blessing. . .

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Matching is a wonderful tool that I learned about during my years with the Berkeley Psychic Institute.  Matching is a way to align ourselves with the energy of something that we would like to create more of in our lives.

We live in a creative universe.  Not only do we live in the midst of unlimited creative potential, we embody that potential.  Anything, any thing, that we focus our intention on, is made manifest in our experience.  Sometimes we are conscious about our choosing, and sometimes we are not.  Matching is a tool that helps us create a conscious outcome.

Matching is a very simple but powerful tool.  Let's say you are attending a class or a workshop on a topic that you are interested in.  As you listen to the instructor speaking, you really wish you could be so knowledgeable and at-ease with the topic.  In that moment the instructor is personifying what you want but do not yet have, and it may trigger feelings that you could never be that good.  In your mind you may try to find something about that other person that brings him down a bit.

None of us probably wants to acknowledge that we sometimes think this way, but this type of competition is common enough in human interaction.  The thing is, it isn't helpful for anyone in creating our best outcomes.  In this dynamic the person being "brought down" to the level of what another person hasn't yet been able to own feels invalidation.  And the person who doesn't feel "there yet" just reinforces his erroneous belief about what he can't have.

Enter the tool of matching!  When there is something we want but don't yet have, maybe something that we envy in someone else, matching can allow us to bring into our awareness our own ability to create it.

It works, as all spiritual tools do, by aligning us with the vibration of what we want to own in our experience.  All things, all thoughts, emotions, interactions, material things, are at their core a vibration of energy that can be sensed, and also "seen" as color.  Our ability to "see" the energy of a thing, called clairvoyance, is an ability that we all have.  It comes to us naturally as spiritual beings experiencing a physical reality.  Our clairvoyance takes no special skill or training, and is easier to engage than most people realize.

To try this tool:
1. Begin by taking a few minutes to close your eyes, breathe deeply and comfortably, and quiet your mind a bit.
2. In your mind's eye (also known as your 6th chakra), allow yourself to "see" a color that corresponds to the thing that you want to create.  There is no need to second-guess the color that you see; go with what you see and trust it.
3. Then, see yourself using that color to "paint" the top of your head, or the "crown" or 7th chakra, which is our connection with our deepest knowing.  See this happening but don't get stuck on it needing to look any certain way.  What you see is perfect.
4. Thank the creator within you, for you have now asked and will be answered.

What I love most about spiritual tools is that they provide different ways to commune with the divine consciousness that lives within us, and in all things.  Spiritual tools are prayers.

So if there is anything that you're wanting to create, match it!  What you see yourself having is yours, so let it happen.

May this tool be a blessing. . .