Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Listening to the Silence

This morning, I felt drawn to listen to the silence. Not just the quiet of the morning, but the deeper silence that resides within me. I was drawn to listen, and was surprised by the strength of the pull. It was really hard to quiet all of the distracting thoughts, but I did, for moments at a time, and started to become aware of the quality of the space between my thoughts. My truth resides there. In that profound silence there could be no doubt that we exist within divine order, expressions of a God that sees only perfection. In that deep quiet, I understand God's joy. In the space between my thoughts, I am.
I let the truth that is much larger than my thoughts heal me, and it heals me now, as I remember. All of the things that seem so hard in my thinking are only hard while I hold on to them. I let go and see that it was just a choice, the letting go or holding on. When I let go, the sky doesn't fall. The world doesn't burn out because I've stopped thinking about everything, all the time, to be safe. My world expands to include every inkling of joy I've ever had.
In the silence God smiles, and I take a picture and hold it in my memory.

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