Thursday, January 7, 2010

Letters to God

I am acquainted with a woman at Unity who explained at a book study group a few months ago that she used to write letters to God. She told us that she would get her notebook, and write "Dear God," and write her question, and then sign "Love, Jenny". When she finished, she would write "Dear Jenny," and write God's response, and sign "Love, God". The conversation moved on to other topics, and we didn't focus too much on Jenny's letters, but the idea stuck.
I've read Neal Walsh's "Conversations With God" a few times, and felt truth in the message. Some of God's explanations in that book remain part of how I explain existence, to myself. But it never occurred to me that it is something we can all do. I had tried asking questions of God in my head before, and never had a sense of a voice talking back to me. I was intrigued and decided to give it a try.
I had no idea what to expect, but in the interest of research, wrote my question, signed it, and then wrote "Dear Sherry". What came forth was a simple, very certain knowing and I started to write pretty much without thinking and without effort. When I felt any effort I stopped for a moment to listen, and started again when it felt right. I wrote until I felt done, and then stopped to read it back. I was struck. The response was straightforward and eloquent, and I knew it came from outside of me but also from the highest within me.
I've been writing letters to God since, and have at different times felt tremendous awe, a deep sense of connection and order, and wonder. A few times I've laughed out loud.
Right now, it feels surreal writing about it. An hour ago the dog was dragging his butt across the carpet and I was thinking "I need to call the carpet cleaner". Then I sat down and wrote a letter to God (on a completely different subject, by the way) and was instantly connected to All-That-Is.
A spiritual being having a human experience!
This is a great tool!

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