Saturday, January 30, 2010


We have been given dominion over what we manifest in our lives through our thoughts. When we consciously decide what it is that we desire, and then speak as if it is so, we set in motion unlimited creative power. Affirmations are well-known and widely used as a tool to impress the subconscious, and change the way we automatically think, to help us manifest our desires. An affirmation is a statement to yourself, in the present tense, regarding a circumstance you want in your life.

I decided recently to try something new, to write an affirmation as a simple mission statement for my life. (In case I ever need to be reminded, which of course, I do. And just so I, and the universe, are clear. . . )

"My life is created for good. I am meant to have all of the joy and peace I can imagine for myself. I am blessed and lucky. My marriage and my relationships are mutually nurturing, joy-filled and healthy. I have work that expresses my talents to the world, fulfills me and has great meaning for me. I am being used for a mighty purpose, and all I do brings me joy.

I am at peace with my childhood; the past does not control my present reality. The truth I know is much bigger now. I honor others' paths as I walk my own. I own my place in the world as a person of value.

My body is completely healthy and strong; I move through menopause gracefully and with validation of my place in life. I heal easily from temporary dis-ease. I treat my body with love and respect in all ways, getting enough play, exercise, and rest, and eating healthy.

I have abundant money and resources to have and do all that I want, because my life is created for good."

May this tool be a blessing. . .

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