Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It takes alot of courage to live in awareness of who we are. This duality that we live in is set up to compel us to mostly forget the truth, but also to provide the opportunity for us to choose, again and again, whether we will express the highest within us, or something much less. Every day we are confronted with impressions that we are less than what we really are.
If it weren't for the fear created by those appearances, it wouldn't be hard to live as Gods. We could choose our best and highest expression without feeling the doubt that stems from a world seeming to hang in the balance. But we do live in duality, and our biggest fears usually speak much louder than the quiet, deep knowing that all is created from perfect consciousness.
I believe that God experiences herself more fully through our choosing to experience our own Godselves. And we can't really experience something that just is. If something just is, we have no sense of it in relation to anything else, so the depth and breadth of it is lost. To fully experience something, we have to have experienced its opposite. Without knowing hate, we couldn't get a sense of the unfathomable complexity of love. Never having encountered darkness, we would be unable to perceive the full meaning of light.
So here we are in the duality, with all of the things that come flying at us that say everything's a mess, you're not good enough, maybe you should worry instead of trust because surely this wouldn't be happening if everything really were OK.
Be grateful for the appearances of lack; they're sacred teachers on our path. It takes exceptional courage when every past experience you've had says this can't be good, and everyone around you is in fear, when the planet seems a very scary place, to stand and say, I choose something else. I choose to be an expression of God with complete dominion over my reality. I choose to see the grace in the opportunites that all of us, individually and collectively, have to grow into the truth. I choose to hold on to my truth like the holy grail, even when, especially when, those around me are most afraid and expect me to be there, too. As compelling as it is to get swept up, we always have a choice. I choose a world of my own making.
What if we created a world where no one chose fear?

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