Thursday, May 20, 2010

Letting God

I have often heard the saying “Let go and let God.” I so very much agree with this statement, and when I hear it I think, “Yep, that’s important.” It is important, and simple in theory, but not at all easy in practice. More and more I am aware of how much I hold on to worry, and fear, and trying to control the outcome of things. It doesn’t matter how much I know in my head that my fussing isn’t needed or helpful, I end up fussing anyway.

It seems that the more I intend to let go and trust the divine intelligence that drives everything in my experience, the more I notice where I’m not letting go. Life is always providing opportunities to shine some light in the darkness. I am here to remember, and I am grateful.

When I do remember, in the middle of being troubled by some situation that is out of my control, that God has all of it, things get very quiet, and much simpler, in my body. My jumbled thoughts become peaceful, and I am aware of a rightness that leaves nothing for me to fight against. All is as it should be. That awareness is a huge gift.

That we can just let go are simple words to say, but the reality behind the words is powerful beyond measure. When we seek to fully grasp the truth that there really is nothing stronger than the endless, all-encompassing love we’re born of, overcoming any concern we could ever conceive, the human mind can't contain the immensity of it.  But spirit knows, and speaks quietly to us throughout all time that nothing less is true.  We are remembering that all that happens is designed for our ultimate good, because goodness is what we are.

Things will evolve in their own perfect way, as we remember that where we are, there is always light.

May this tool be a blessing. . .


  1. Your words are very soothing and so true. Though letting go is very hard for me, it is only when I focus on the Divine Will that I get comfort and I can relax in knowing that everything is perfect. Thank you for your post.

  2. Hi Sherry

    The more we say it the more we write it down, the more it becomes part of our conciousness. Thank you for the light you are bringing xx Claire

  3. Everything in life takes practice & work to integrate it into our lives. Letting go especially takes practice because so many of us try to control everything in our life, when truly we have very little control at all.

    Nice post...thanks.



  4. I confess I used to look down on that phrase as a trite cliche, but recently I've been learning the truth of it. Funny how that happens.

    Do you know the origin of the phrase? I heard that it came from AA originally, but I don't know for sure.

    (And welcome to the High Calling Community!)

  5. I don't know the origin, but I, too, am learning the truth of it.

    Thanks for all of the comments; they add so much light to this blog, and are much appreciated!


  6. Wow, what an awesome post. This is just what I am dealing with today. I had some problem and I keep slipping into my ego like a rat running around in a room it can't escape, trying to figure out the problem. Then I remembered, I don't have to handle the "how" and "when" of life, just the "what". Once I did that and "let it go", then the peace of god came over me again. The trick is to stay in this place. I know I'm there by how I feel. As soon as I try to solve problems the old struggling way I usually start to feel bad. But when I give it to God I feel peace.