Monday, May 24, 2010


At a meeting last week, some coworkers and I were talking about something one of them had read recently, which I thought was wonderful. It was, simply, “What are the 10 things that bring you the most joy? Why aren’t you doing them?” For me this is a very worthy question, and gets right to the heart of the matter of creating the life we're meant to live.

We are here to fulfill every dream for ourselves that we can conceive, and in this way honor God within us, as limitless creators in our own right. But what is commonly accepted is that we will move through our days mostly doing what is expected of us, and not give nearly enough thought to choosing to do what brings the most joy.

Watching my son, who is now in college and juggling work, school, rehearsals, and a growing number of responsibilities, it occurs to me how early in life this happens. I'm grateful that he loves what he does.  We work hard today for rewards to be had later, hopefully, when school is finished or we’ve found a good job, or it’s time for vacation from work or retirement. I like to think that in most cases those rewards do come to pass, but what about now? I believe that we can strive to accomplish those things that are important to us, but not get so lost in the striving that we miss knowing joy in today.

I tried it this morning, writing a list of 10 things that bring me the most joy. And what I found is that it contained simple things like dancing and backpacking, listening to God within me and nurturing my body, the beloved expression of my soul.

I’m finding that joy is a very moment-to-moment thing. There have been many big things that I’ve worked hard and planned for in my life, and they were unforgettable, but the conscious decisions that I’ve made to find joy in the small daily events are what have brought the most peace and happiness.

When the big things come up that I want to do, I find a way to do them with relish and remember them always - one noteworthy example is skydiving.  I've done it a few times and it's always amazing like nothing else I've experienced.  It's huge fun, but I can't say that having done it brings joy to my life.  As great as the big things are, they don’t add as much depth and meaning and love to my days as the simple things on my list.

Others will likely find a completely different focus in considering what 10 things bring the most joy, but the important question remains, if there are things on your list that you are not doing, what better time to begin than now?

May this tool be a blessing. . .


  1. Hello Sherry,

    thank you so much for contacting me regarding my blog 'Lots of Little Blessings' and I feel honored, especially after reading your posts, that you took the time to read some of mine. I love what you have to say!!! I would love to feature you and your latest post on my blog!! It would mean a lot to me! It is beautiful and so fitting!!! Please let me know if I could feature you - maybe you could give me some personal background information on yourself that you would like to share - and I would love to feature your last post 'Joy' in my blog!!

    So looking forward to hearing from you again!!

    I am so glad you contacted me and I got introduced to you!!

  2. Hi Sherry, I try to write about the way to lead a more joyful life everyday in my blog "Journey to joy" & I've discovered in my own life that the big things are great but it's living in the now & enjoying each moment that brings us joy daily. You can make a list & work to bring more things that bring you joy into your life but just finding joy in the now is the best answer.

    Thanks for your thoughts.



  3. What brings me joy? Creativity. Simplicity. Fellowship. Friends. God.
    That's my list!~ David