Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Healing the World

A tool that I want to use more frequently in my life is to help heal the world. People are floundering now, struggling to keep up with personal and global challenges that are unsurpassed in our experience. I believe that the great chaos in the world today reflects the growing pains of humanity taking a big step. Circumstances are forcing us to stop and take a stand, to make different choices, to consider the effects that our actions have on others, and to choose to live more intentionally in expressing the best in ourselves.

But it’s tiring, I think, and more than a little bit disheartening for people, faced with an intense amount of negativity that seems insurmountable. It wouldn’t be hard to succumb, and accept that the world really is “going to hell in a handbasket.” But in extreme challenge also lies the push we sometimes need to get out of our unconscious and habitual ways of thinking, and recognize that we need to choose a higher road. The truth is that everything happens for good. And our planet and its people can surely benefit from our focused healing energy as we move along on our individual and collective paths toward that good.

I learned a simple technique for healing the world at the Berkeley Psychic Institute called "hooking it up to the Supreme Being."  This is similar to the post I did recently on setting the body's energy, but on a bigger scale.  Visualizing our intention helps make it come to pass by giving our thoughts even more creative power.

1. Close your eyes and get comfortable. Breathe deeply and quiet your mind as much as possible.
2. In your mind’s eye, visualize the planet out in the dark universe.
3. Create a connection, in your mind’s eye, between God and the planet. I picture the connection as a thick cord, and I picture God as a bright golden spark of light further out in the dark universe. Please see this in any way that you are comfortable with.
4. Allow the golden light of God to shine down through the cord and into the planet, and watch as the planet becomes suffused with bright golden light.
5. The planet is now hooked up, and all are elevated to the vibration of love, peace and divine order.

It really is this simple to change the world, and we have the power to do it!  We can do this for the planet, for a group of people, or for someone individually. I hook people up to God fairly often, and the process is the same. Just see them connected to God by a golden cord, and then watch as the bright gold of divine light moves into and through them. As I do this, I notice that any concern I might be feeling for someone dissolves as I release them to infinite wisdom, and affirm their perfect path.

May this tool be a blessing. . .


  1. Beautiful. It's amazing how by changing our own perceptions of other people, other people begin to change as well...as if we are all one big organism. I wrote a similar post on my site called Healing You Is Healing Me, which you may find interesting. The title speaks for itself. :)

  2. I believe there is a global shift in consciousness that has begun & this shift will lead us to a better world. As you note each of us can make a difference. All it takes is an opening of our mind to love & an understanding that a single step can change everything.

    Nice job!



  3. "It is simple to change the world and I have power to do it"- a very elevating thought. very powerful.

    Thank you.

  4. This tool or practice is a good way to change the world by changing yourself. Even better is your 'tool' of sharing this with many others via your blog. The more people raise their level of consciousness, the closer we get to a critical mass... Good job.

  5. Thanks for you kind words about my blog post. We seem to share a desire to heal the world. I offered a car wash and you offer a spiritual tool. It is nice to think of how these two facets of healing can work together. I'm always hoping to strike a balance between spiritual formation and hands-on ministry. Neither works without the other.

    Your post also reminded me of Phyllis Tickle's work. Her book, "The Great Emergence," expounds on a theory that we are in the midst of a social, cultural, political, economic, and religious shift; the scale of which we have not seen since the Great Reformation. In this process, there will be tremendous struggle, pain, and backlash; yet it promises to bring humanity to a new level of healing through God.

  6. Lovely visualization. I enjoyed your posts. Thanks!

  7. You`ve done a great job with this site !!! keep going like this !!!!