Monday, April 26, 2010

Setting the Body's Energy

Everything we experience in this world is vibration.  Our thoughts and words, our interactions with others, and the interactions between groups of people all produce a certain vibration.  Our bodies, too, experience vibrations of energy, and are very sensitive to the energy happening around us.

An example would be answering the phone, and after hanging up noticing that you feel very different than you did before the conversation.  You may feel down and tired, or you may feel energized and uplifted, depending on the energy of the conversation, and of the person you were speaking with.

There are many tools we can use to influence the energy we experience within our bodies.  All begin with first choosing what you want to create, in your present experience.  It's not difficult to do in practice; probably the hardest part is remembering that we can choose how we want to experience our moments.

The other day I wanted to change the energy I was experiencing, to a higher level.  I wanted my body to match the vibration of my highest good.  At the Berkeley Psychic Institute, they sometimes use a technique called "bringing yourself up to gold."  Gold is often seen as the color, or vibration, of God, or truth, or our highest.  It is the color of clarity.  So I decided to use that tool to set the energy in my body.

A great thing about BPI is that they really focus on keeping spiritual growth like being in kindergarten, so many of the techniques are simple, and profoundly powerful in their simplicity.

The other day I practiced it in this silly way, in the energy of kindergarten:
1. Get comfortable and close your eyes
2. Breathe deeply and focus on yourself
3. Affirm to yourself that the color gold embodies the vibration of your highest good
4. In your imagination, see the color of one cell in your body (I used the tip of my nose) change to gold
5. Watch as the adjacent cells in your body match the gold one, and the gold vibration of your highest good spreads from cell to cell down and through your entire body
6. Feel yourself as gold, and expressing the truth of your highest good

You can use this technique to bring into your body any specific energy you'd like, such as peace, or enthusiasm or self-acceptance.

If you choose to try this, remember that it works best when we don't try too hard, so just have fun with it.  Our intention to have it be so is enough.  As we watch this manifest in our mind's eye, we enhance the strength of bringing it forward as our truth.

May this tool be a blessing. . .


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  2. Great post Sherry. I've been experiencing a lot of stress and negative energy lately so I will try this when I go to bed tonight.


  3. Yes, Sherry, you provide an important and simple way for us to connect to a higher vibration and our higher selves. I have been trying to do this consciously recently and learning to quiet down long enough to do so. That is the hard part.
    Thanks for the post.

    In Light,

  4. I just read something similar in a Buddhist book about meditation. The part about walking meditation is rather unusual and interesting.

  5. Hi Sherry!

    Your photo is perfect for this thought-provoking article about the color gold. I've read that the color of the Divine is purple/violet (maybe the Divine is really ultraviolet or a color we can't see with human eyes?)

    But whatever the color of the Divine is, I love this concept of bringing all of our cells into alignment by focusing on one visualization/color. It's so easy to get scattered and pulled in several directions at once. I love this exercise to increase our overall authenticity, integrity, and energy level.

    Sending you hugs across the miles! ♥

    Dr. Deb

  6. Helllo Sherry, I just received an email from blog catalogue saying that you liked my blog Your Success, Your Self Esteem…" and I become curious about your blog and your recommended blog post.

    I have just finished reading this post and must say that this technique is very good. I physically felt my vibration change instantly.
    I'm assuming that this technique could also be used for different emotions such as love, gratitude etc... and to also experiment with different colours aswell.

    I will definitely pass this technique onto others, thank you very much for your post and your kind message.

    All the very best,

    Nicholas Finnegan

  7. Hi Sherry,

    You have a wonderful mind! I really enjoyed reading your posts.

    With Love