Sunday, April 11, 2010

Let There Be. . .

My life works best when I step back from all of my trying and worrying, and rest in the truth that it will evolve just as I envision, gently, beautifully and perfectly.

In the graceful, quiet days when everything around me is in peace, I joyfully affirm that divine order is at work in my life and in the world.  In the hectic, questioning days when I’m feeling like I’ll never get it right, my memories of infinite peace and trust in the process seem very far away indeed.  Creating a conscious life feels like a pretty big undertaking, like it should somehow require a great deal of thought, or study, or . . . ., something. 

By this time I’ve learned some tricks and tools for navigating my life’s course with intention.  I’ve practiced meditation for many years, enjoyed creating treasure maps and doing affirmations.  I love all of the many wonderful tools we have for experiencing truth.  They are all great, proactive things in creating a life with purpose. 

But how amazingly powerful that space is where we can allow the God within to express fully through us, where we can simply let there be, and it is done.  In just allowing something, there is no effort, no trying, no need even for being proactive.  Just an acknowledgement that all we need do is choose, and our experience reflects our decision.

There’s an amount of faith and trust needed in creating this way.  When I remember that I don’t need to try at all, but can simply allow whatever I need or want to be, my body calms down.  There is more space for me to be present in my body and in my experience.  I can express more of who I want to be because I’m not struggling against anything. 

It’s a peaceful place, in those moments.  But inevitably I’ll move on in my day, and some other detail will capture my attention, and I’ll forget about whatever I had decided to just allow to be.

It’s all part of the process.  Once I turn it over to the God within, it is done.  It may take some time for me to realize it, but my prayer has been answered.  I just need to have faith in the process.  Situations may arise that cause me to doubt that what I have allowed into being is real, but that is part of the process, too.  Faith really can move mountains. 

Tonight, in my quiet writing space, I choose to let there be perfect expression of the song in my heart.  And it is done.

May this tool be a blessing. . .


  1. I am really trying to be at peace from where I am right now, working. Today is Monday and one could expect that it's gonna be a sooooo busy day!:) True enough I had my share of buzzyness and headache just this morning but by God's grace and wisdom I was able to cope.

    Wonderful notes! Thanks. God bless.

  2. Very beautiful thoughts Sherry & so, so true! It's only through detachment that we can truly discover the joy of being a co-creator of our own life. We all need to find more peace in our lives, it's in the quiet that the biggest discovery happen. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Sorry I've been away for a bit....been very busy.



  3. Sherry, I saw the Title of this blog before I started to write in my own--this morning. The cosmos are groaning, and we have heard the call. How is it that so many separate people can make similar observations which fit together so perfectly. I urge you to read "Learning to step out of our skin" and consider how fascinating it is that Consciousness is spreading...people are beginning to wake up.
    Love your thoughts, keep sharing, Thank you!

  4. When I let myself be and just go with the flow, I know that everything is as it needs to be at that particular moment and that Divine Order is certainly at work.
    Caryl ♥

  5. Hi, sherry.
    Thanks for stopping by this morning. When I saw your post title, I smiled. I know the space of being you're referring to as well as the moments of forgetfulness that lead to worry.
    I have a practice of affirming the qualities of God That I Am, followed by "Let there be..." It creates an expansive, clear space in which nothing is needed, nothing is required. There is just the bliss of being.
    By the way, I loved the Dancing post, too!
    Many Blessings,