Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Spiritual Law of Attraction

The spiritual law of attraction states that we attract into our lives that which we put our energy and attention on. I believe this is the most important of the explanations of how spirit creates through a physical body. Consider the ramifications of this! If we remembered this truth a little more often, how much more deliberate we would be in what we focus on. This law manifests minute-to-minute, in everything we do. It is in effect when we are being conscious about our thoughts, in prayer or meditation, or when we are sitting at a stoplight worrying, when our thoughts stream by without our even noticing them.

When "Monkey Mind" is active in our thoughts, we attract those thoughts. Monkey Mind is a term used for automatic, negative thinking, or the frequent amount of time we spend with our thoughts spinning off in some direction that may have no connection to our best or serve the highest good in that moment.

Monkey Mind often contains the messages we received as children, or lies that we have accepted as truth. It is the voice of fear. The voice of Monkey Mind is the perfect vehicle for our forgetting who we are, because the things we fear we usually find, and the lie is then reinforced until we can find a way to stop the cycle.

We quiet Monkey Mind through practice. Many people practice mindfulness and meditation techniques to help quiet the racing quality of the mind and cultivate more dominion over deciding which thoughts are worthy of our attention, and which we want to release. Simple deep breathing techniques also help with this. Many use affirmations to reprogram automatic negative thinking to more productive thoughts. What we hold in mind manifests in kind. The really magical part of all of this is, we can always change our mind!

Worry about not having enough money or resources is common, for example. The chatter would be "there is never enough money (or time, or love, or . . .) to meet my needs (or make me happy, or keep me safe)." When we catch ourselves creating this reality in our lives, we can affirm, in the present tense, "I have an abundant supply of all I need," or "God is my source." In doing this, especially over time, we reprogram the subconscious.

Many wonderful resources exist about learning to use the law of attraction more fully in our lives. There are entire websites dedicated to this idea. Life coaches teach it. One author whose books focus on the idea is Florence Scovel Shinn. I just purchased another copy of her book "The Game of Life and How to Play It" on for $5.49.

The spiritual law of attraction is what makes the world our playground. It is what we use to design the masterpieces of our lives. In any moment we can choose to remember that there is no reality in lack of any kind. In all things, we can affirm that abundance is here and now manifesting.

May this tool be a blessing. . .


  1. Hey, I used "monkey mind" term myself on my own post:

    But we might use it with slightly different meaning though :D

    Anyway, this law of attraction seems to attract whatever one needs to experience in order to evolve spiritually. Don't you think?

  2. Thanks for this post! I've never heard of Monkey Mind before, but have certainly experienced it! Through practiced meditation and deep breathing though, we can all learn to control our thoughts and let positivity and happiness be our dominant thoughts.

  3. Yes I like your use of the term ( Monkey mind) :) ... Even I refer to the mind as Mad Monkey... when I try to meditate. Controlling the mind is a very tough task and it takes years of practice ( at least to me.. ).

    If you have time visit my blog, and offer your thoughts and comments... - It is my attempt to understand my self spiritually.

  4. I knew that the term "Monkey Mind" was much-used and well-known. Your responses certainly confirm that. Thank you for your thoughtful comments.
    May we all recognize the power of our thoughts in creating a world of our own making!

  5. you have nice thoughts, this post is awesome

  6. rightly said :) i have come across n use this term as well... amen to that...