Monday, February 8, 2010

The Mock-Up Bubble

Using a mock-up bubble is another tool that I learned at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, and one that over the years has become second nature to me in manifesting my intentions. A mock-up is a model, or prototype, of something that we want to create. This techniques involves visualizing, in your mind's eye, a bubble out in front of you that contains what you desire to bring about. It's probably easier to start with your eyes closed. Remember, what we think has great creative power, and when we visualize our intention it becomes even more powerful.

Pretend that you are waving a giant bubble wand and have just made a very big, clear bubble. See it out in front of you. It can be as large as you'd like. In your bubble, begin to create a picture of what you want to have happen. It really is as simple as that. Be sure to take time to add to your vision as many details as possible of what you desire. The clearer we are about what we want, the more likely we are to get it!

When you have filled in as many details as you want, the next step is to let it go. As we let it go, we release our limited ideas of how things need to happen, and allow God, the universe, our own higher selves to do the work in creating our heart's desires. One way to release your mock-up and allow it to manifest is to simply watch the bubble float up until it's out of sight, to come to fruition in the perfect way. Or you could watch in your mind's eye as it pops, or anything else that occurs to you. Have fun with it!

One thing I like to do before I let go of my mock-up bubble is to show it to God, and ask that anything standing between me and its creation be released. In that way, I acknowledge the ability of the God within to create my life without limits. I affirm the truth.

I use mock-up bubbles frequently, often for the big things in my life, but also for the small ones. If I'm walking into a meeting that I'm nervous about, I'll see in a bubble how I want it to turn out, show it to God and then release it to come into being. If I need a chunk of money for something, I'll visualize it in a mock-up bubble and then turn it over to the limitless creative energy that we are all part of.

This is fun stuff! And the hardest thing about it is believing that we can, and then remembering to do it. As we ask, we are answered. A mock-up bubble, as a tool for manifesting our intention, is a prayer.

May this tool be a blessing. . .


  1. Hi. The significant part of this meditation is the bit where you show the bubble to God. I wonder if sometimes, as well as showing you anything that might block your path to what's in the bubble, you might find that holding the bubble up to God might change the way you feel about its contents, that some of the things you put in there might, in the divine light, seem less important after all, and others more so. Maybe holding the bubble up to God's light suddenly reveals that it wasnt the exact object or situation in the bubble that you wanted, but something, some love or release, that comes shining through it. St. Augustine had a beautiful saying: 'God does not always give us the desire of our hearts but he will always give us the heart of our desires.'

  2. Yes, thank you, malcolmguite. Beautifully said. Turning our desires over to God not only releases the fear (ours or others') that stands between us and our aspirations, but also allows infinite intelligence the space to work through and with us, bringing about our best and highest expression.