Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Getting out of resistance

Resistance is an interesting teacher. The buddhists believe that resisting what is creates much suffering. I believe this to be true. There is, however, an awful lot to resist, at least for me. It would be great if I responded to everything that came my way with equanimity, unmovable in my internal balance. Maybe in some lifetime!

Today, I'm resisting changes in my job. I like my job the way it is. I've been there a long time; I'm happy there, and I don't want it to change. The thing is, whether I want it to or not, it is changing. Driving home tonight, there were many things I could have had my attention on. The weather is spring-like and warm, and beautiful. I could have been grateful for countless things. But I felt that closed down feeling in my chest that accompanies my thoughts of I don't want this.

I can label a situation in any way I choose, and create an outcome of my own making. First, though, I need to accept where I am with it. I need to feel my feelings, and be clear about what action, if any, is needed on my part. It's easy to mistake acceptance with burying our feelings and moving on, trying to be positive. But we can't accept that which we haven't yet acknowledged. I needed to be honest with myself, first, in how I am being affected.

There is a saying that the only constant is change. I teach in my stress management class that stress is caused by demands on us to change. How we handle those demands for change can make the difference between resistance and discomfort, or enthusiasm and growth. The choice really is ours.

From the perspective of spirit, all is well. A year from now, I will have moved beyond my resistance to change, adapted and created a way to experience more of the truth of who I am and what I can do.

So for today, I will acknowledge my resistance and move on. And I will remember one of my favorite Unity prayers: "The light of God surrounds us; the love of God enfolds us; the power of God protects us; and the presence of God watches over us. Wherever we are, God is, and all is well!"

May this tool be a blessing. . .


  1. Ohh..such a beautiful post! It seems to me you are pretty clear about what's going on Sherry; and apparently, there's no much you can do to avoid the 'change'...
    If this is the case, remember the 'flow'...go you will go, the question is; will you go willingly or resisting? When there's nothing you can do about a certain 'change' is useless to resist what you cannot. Put your 'paddle' inside your 'canoe' and the best you can, try to enjoy the 'ride'...I bet you something good will come out of this, as you already know ; ) You might have rested for too long in that 'comfort zone'...

  2. Beautiful post on resistance, Shelly.
    Recently I found myself resisting taking on two projects that brought up some fear issues.
    After lots of emotional release... my absolute favourite combined with meditation... I found this quote by Osho:

    "Get deeper and deeper into yes. Say yes to each and every thing. Say yes to good and bad, to day and night, to summer and winter. Say yes to success and to failure. Say yes to life and to death. Forget everything else; just remember one word, yes, and it can transform your whole being. It can become a radical change, a revolution. " ~Osho

    Now I use it every morning, saying a HUGE 'YES' to everything and every one! ;-)

    Bless You and Thank You for sharing and Being Who You Are...

  3. Sherry this is so true! I see resistance in many people daily - where I work, at the store, driving, etc. Of course, I too catch myself pushing against an issue at times. Honoring your feelings is one thing, as we should not ignore them. However, once we stay in the "bad" feeling place, then we continue to be in the resistance. I'm not saying one has to "like" what's happening at every moment. We just need to notice it, as you said and "move on." Thanks for sharing!
    Peace & blessings,

  4. Hi Shelly, Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a very interesting and helpful comment. As I read your post here I remember, so I teach myself, that nonphysical has complete control over the lives we experience and that the changes in your job are for you, gifts You give yourself. All that comes to us is love.