Monday, February 15, 2010

Spiritual Hands-on Healing

I spent five years studying at an exceptional place called the Aesclepion Healing Institute, where I learned spiritual hands-on healing. At Aesclepion, we spent many hours practicing on others. I've found that hands-on healing is also a wonderful way to heal myself.

There are many different methods for doing hands-on energy healing. They are all intended to heal the spirit in the body, with the idea that physical or emotional dis-ease begins on a spiritual level. When we are holding on to something that is not our truth, it can be seen as color, and directed to release. At Aescleption, we moved our hands over a person's body, and sometimes directly onto a portion of the body, in order to help that release to occur, and to help the person get their own healthy, vibrant spiritual energy flowing through their body.

An important part of Aesclepion's teaching is that we do not use our own energy to heal others. We don't need to do this, and it actually gets in the way of another's healing. They, and the God within them, know the best course for healing. We do not need for our intention to get in the way of it. Instead I let go and allow the healing energy to come through my hands. Most of us have had the experience of giving too much of our own life force energy away to someone else in an effort to help them, and being depleted by it. This is not helpful or necessary.

When I have a knowing about where energy is being held that needs to be released, and I place my hands just above that area of the body, the light of God is brought to that part of the body. A place that had been out of awareness is brought into light. That is how we heal.

When I was in my early 20s, I had abdominal surgery, and spent a few weeks recovering. I remember spending alot of time with my hands on my belly, directing healing energy to the area. At the time I hadn't yet studied hand-on healing, so it was more instinctive. Even so, it worked beautifully! I helped me trust my body and get out of worry, and I was healed and back to my daily activities much more quickly than would have been expected. Intention is infinitely powerful!

I don't have the opportunity to do as much hands-on healing work as I did before, and I miss it. It is one of the most gratifying things I've ever done, and I look forward to doing more in the future.

Recently I decided to give myself another hands-on healing. I placed my hands over the area of the body to be healed, took some deep breaths and quieted my mind, and allowed God consciousness to come through my hands. When my mind wandered, I gently brought it back to what was happening. Intention is the important part of this process. When my mind wanders, healing is still happening. As I intend for divine consciousness to heal me, it is done, with more perfection than my ego or will could create. At any point in time there is perfect healing on a spirit's path, and God consciousness will manifest it. As I had my attention on the process, I noticed slight resistance at times, places where the healing energy had to remain a bit longer, then an awareness of lightness, and release. All we need to do is allow it to happen.

I believe we are meant to glorify our existence in joy, abundant health, and prosperity in any way that has meaning for us. Thank you, God, for my healthy body, through which I experience all gifts, large and small!

May this tool be a blessing. . .


  1. Hi Sherry: Beautiful post. Thanks for your message about "My Path to Healing". Nice to "meet" you -- I also enjoy meeting like-minded people.

  2. Sherry-what a rich life you've had, learning all these wonderful things about yourself and the spirit. And thanks for sharing with these marvelous articles.

  3. thanks for sharing this, wonderfully written and explained without to much nonsense.

    Always had too much focus on giving away own energy so this is incredibly, invaluable information..

    Thanks God, Sherry !


    The healing chamber was just taking away from the present therefore deleted. However there's a purpose for everything, this just helped infinitely..

  4. That was a really interesting read Sherry. You look like you have the balance right between the physical, emotional and spiritual. I had a look at the courses that the Aesclepion Healing Institute offers it looks great.

  5. Hello Sherry, I saw your page when searching on Aesclepion. Please check out the Brind-Gen healing emitters. The results have been amazing on humans and their pets. The ancient ones knew what few remember today. Delighted to see your site and about your work!
    A North European Shaman