Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Creating and Destroying

We very often forget that destroying is a crucial part of the creative process. Sometimes when we have an intention to create something, there are other things in place in our lives that get in the way of it. It would be hard to manifest a healthy and happy relationship if in our thinking we still label relationships based on past, unhealthy ones. It would be difficult to create a new, more creative job if we worry that we are too unskilled to get one anyway. It's always hard to create new things in our lives when we are stuck in old thinking.

The most powerful tool I've learned about creating and destroying I learned at BPI. It's effectiveness comes from consciously destroying as part of the process. BPI uses the symbol of a rose in this tool, but any symbol will work. I like the idea of always using the same symbol when you practice this, because the subconscious makes a strong connection with the symbol and the creating/destroying process. The rose is useful because you can notice how open it is to indicate how far along in manifestation your goal is.

What we think, we create. What we "see," we create even more powerfully. Throughout our lives, we are not normally taught to trust what we see, but seeing is part of our birthright as creators made in God's image.

It's easy to "forget" that I have countless tools at my disposal for creating. It had been awhile since I'd created and destroyed roses, but I did today, and cleared my ability to manifest in my life the things I desire. There are different ways to go about this, so you can play with it and do what feels comfortable to you.

Sit comfortably with your eyes closed. In your mind's eye, visualize a rose representing what it is that you want to manifest. Don't work too hard at it, just see what you see. That rose, its color, how open it is and what shape it's in all represent the energy around your idea in present time. You may see a very definite rose, or you may get a more vague idea of a rose. Either way is fine. It is our intention here that is important. See it, don't judge what you see, then blow it up! Destroy it. You can use any visual you choose. I often set a firecracker into it, in my mind's eye, and watch as it blows up. This part of the process can be uncomfortable if you are not used to destroying. We are not usually taught that it is OK to destroy things. It's very powerful but also fun, because we are releasing limits and clearing our creative ability.

Create another rose in your mind's eye, representing the same idea. It may be a different color or look different. Blow it up, too. With this process we are destroying anything in the creating of our idea that is not part of our truth. After creating and destroying a few roses, you will sense that the one you are now "looking" at is clear and containing your truth. At this point I show the rose to God, and know that it is done; it will come to pass in the right and perfect way.

You can use this process in many ways. You can create and destroy roses to clear communication in relationships. You can create and destroy roses to clear your path to a goal you have. You can even create and destroy roses to help you release old programming and fear. I created and destroyed roses around a number of ideas today!

May you know yourself as the limitless creator that you are, and may this tool be a blessing!


  1. I'm not sure how you would apply this technique to improving or clearing relationships, unless you mean to visualize the old, non-functional relationships as you did the rose, then see it implode/explode in your imagination? More info, please.

    And in an aside, in doing the rose exercise, the rose appeared as a different color each time. Interesting. No sure why, but it is interesting. Thanks for sharing this exercise!

  2. Hello Sherry, what a wonderful site you've got here! I appreciate light workers like yourself getting out there and sharing your valuable information with the world :)

  3. An interesting point of view of "destroying".

    I myself prefer "letting go", then. I do not feel like I need to destroy the old to get the new. I simply need to let things pass...

  4. Thanks to everyone for their thoughtful comments, on this and all of my posts.
    I also notice when I create and destroy roses for something that I am creating, that the color of the rose is different for a number of times. The different colors indicate considerations around the idea that are not your truth. Using a relationship as an example, you might decide to visualize a rose for a relationship. As you destroy it and create a new one, you could be releasing old thought patterns that are affecting the current relationship, or possibly someone else's ideas about what the relationship should look like. Those different colors that you see the rose appearing as represent the energies that are affecting the relationship. Eventually, you may see that the color does not change, or you may just sense that the color you are seeing is the clear or "right" one. That is the one that is serving the highest good.
    I, too, recognize the importance of letting things pass. Thank you for that. There are times in my life, though, when I feel like something that feels more proactive is needed. I believe that both letting go and consciously destroying that which is not our truth serve the same purpose, creating a world of our own making, and expressing our highest.

  5. Hello Sherry. Clearing the path to new blessings is crucial. The most difficult thing is "not to forget to do it" It's incredible as human beings have the ability to forget things that can make them happy...
    On thing that is really powerful is to use writing combined to visualization.

    Thanks for these enlightening articles

    - Steve