Sunday, February 21, 2010

I See the Christ in You

Christ consciousness is the awareness of that most basic truth, one that Jesus lived and taught, that we are limitless creators, bringing into being all that we imagine. Christ consciousness, living in each of us, reminds us of our infinite power expressing through our finite human form.

Although we are limitless beings, we are on a path of remembering. In forgetting the truth, we are provided with the holy opportunity of remembering, and then owning our birthright as God in expression. We live in forgetfulness, remember, and then forget again.

Reverend Ken, our Unity minister, talks of something he does to help him in his dealings with people - that is to say, "I see the Christ in you." This doesn't need to be said out loud; other people do not even need to know you are acknowledging it about them. When someone you encounter is most stuck, when they act in a way much less than loving, saying to yourself that you see the Christ in them breaks the cycle of fear by affirming truth. They, and we, are free. The pull of fear and judgment is released as threads of truth are woven through our ongoing creation for all to experience.

We can choose to see the Christ in anyone at any time. It is a wonderful way to acknowledge the divine truth of all those we share this planet with, regardless of circumstances.

I sat on a warn Friday evening last summer in a park with hundreds of other people, listening to a concert. There were families picnicking and couples dancing. All different types of people were gathered together in a small grassy corner of the world. I chose in that moment to shift my awareness to acknowledge Christ consciousness within each of them, all at once. I was filled with awe and joy as I saw God's eternal spirit expressing in so many unique and perfect ways.

We lift up the vibration of all of humanity when we see the truth of each other, unlimited creators, all-together expressing the light of God.

May this tool be a blessing. . .


  1. Your phrase "we live in forgetfulness" is so right. Love the idea of "I see the Christ in you" Thanks for sharing and glad we have discovered each others' blogs!

  2. I see Christ in you is a wonderful idea. We need more Christ in all that we do and see. The world is in tremendous pain. We love the Joy of Jesus

  3. I like this. It encourages me to take the focus of myself and enjoy the glory of God, which is Christ expressing in all of us. Thank you for this. And keep posting! I will try that phrase "I see the Christ in you".

  4. Sherry,

    I truly enjoyed this much so, that I was inspired to write a whole lot more (and I did, but lost it all when trying to post a comment!...bummer!)

    In short, I practice seeing the God in another often. The more I do, the easier it gets to allow others to be excatly as they are, especially those that exist in high contrast to who I care to be.

    I have some beautiful tools for spiritual growth to share with you. They were written by Dr. David R. Hawkins for the same purpose you express here. here's the link:

    I am moved and inspired every time I read this!

    Kindest Regards,


  5. Great thoughts Sherry, by acknowledging the TRUTH that we are expressions of Christ, the lies and illusions begin to fade away. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Not to mention that "Christ", too, is a name. Hindu calls Him "Atman", Moslem calls Him "Allah", Buddhists call Him "Buddha".

    Very, very nice piece of advice. I'd be sure to remember this, Sherry. Thank you very much for sharing :)

    I see Christ in You... I see You :)

  7. I like your article. I have been coming across the words 'Christ Consciousness" a lot recently. I referred to it as seeing the divine in every one. I do not consider myself a Christian, by definition I am a Pantheist (find some of my writings here

    I want to add the definition of 'Christ Consciousness' to the lexicon at If you can send me a note with how you'de define it I'd appreciate it.

    I do see the divine in you, I see god in you, I see you and I love you.

    Ethan Z

  8. nice, this concept is found in our gita , god is everywhere and every one is god, Nothing new, old wine packed and advetised by more commited people is christainity! but my problem is In India christians feel that Indian temples are a olace of evil or devil, then how can you see a christ who worship devil, i want that answer from the christian preachers about it.,