Thursday, March 11, 2010

God Is, I Am

We are blessed to live in a world filled with such light-filled people.  They have graced my life as amazing teachers, the authors of the many life-changing books I've read, enlightened souls I've encountered through this blog, all of my spiritual brothers and sisters.  I am deeply grateful, and acknowledge the profound joy of our collective being.

I was reminded again yesterday of a favorite author of mine, Eric Butterworth, and a simple and healing tool for focusing the light that is ever present in us.  As he explains in this book "The Creative Life,"  we can affirm and breathe, God Is, I Am. 

"Take a few moments with this breathing exercise:  On the inbreath, speak the words 'God is.'  Hold it . . . then, on the outbreath, affirm, 'I am.'  Hold it.  Repeat this several times.  Get the sense that you are vitally coupled with the energy of God's light.  With this centering in the light, you see with light.  And your seeing actually becomes a "light treatment" of all that you see.  . . .  (You) become synchronized with and in the stream of light that is everywhere present.  Now make a survey of your schedule for the day:  your appointments . . . contacts, projects and relationships.  As you hold them in the light one by one, you give to each one a 'light treatment.'  . . . The whole of Infinite Mind is within you -- and you have access to the wisdom of the ages."

This is good stuff!  When I practice this, I become aware of the light that is always within me and everywhere present.  The texture of everything in my awareness changes as I recognize the perfection in all of it.  I release concerns or considerations that are not my own, and there is no need to struggle over anything.  God is, and I am, in this moment of light.  I am an active participant in creation - an ongoing design of perfection.

May this tool be a blessing. . .


  1. Hi Sherry,

    Thanks for your kind words, it's lovely to meet someone that's going through a similar experience to me! Your blog is fascinating, I'll be keeping an eye on your journey.

    I agree with you about not trying so hard, I've heard that from a few people... It's hard for me not to though, and if I do try to, I find I'm pretending which defeats the whole point!

    Not sure of the time difference between the USA and Australia, but have a great weekend!



  2. Hi Sherry, Thanks for posting this God is and I am. Deep breathing is my main tool when fear sets in. I am 69, husband left me for another last June and we're not divorced. And I'm not a person who doesn't like drama in my life.

    I have been sober for 33 years and had a radical conversion 3 months sober. I am really blessed. I want to add your site. I do A-Z link directories. Where do you want me to put yours?

    Love, Kathy (

  3. Hi Sherry,

    This article is beautiful. God is I Am... God is within us... This exercise would help us realize this.


  4. Very good.means I m the manifestation of the unmanifested.I m the creation of the creator.I m the expression of God therefore God is I am.arun khanna