Saturday, March 13, 2010

Declaring Yourself

When I was studying spiritual hands-on healing and clairvoyance at the Aesclepion Healing Institute, we practiced a technique called declaring yourself.  I was aware that this exercise creates more space to validate our unique expressions of being.  It is in effect a way to claim the space in creation to be our own extraordinary selves.

From that place where we are aware of being all that is, but also aware of being a unique person inhabiting a finite body, we declare ourselves using our names.  For me, it is "I AM, Sherry."  After spending some time quieting your thoughts and bringing your attention within, breathe deeply, and declare yourself to creation as many times as you feel comfortable with.  In this way, we bring our awareness of the vastness of our spirit into our human experience.

Eric Butterworth in The Creative Life explains a similar exercise of declaring our intention for ourselves in ongoing creation.  This exercise focuses on consciously denying our automatic negative thinking about who we are, and aligning with the truth of us, as expressions of all that is.  Habits of negative thinking are never the truth of us.  They come from ideas we've accepted throughout our lives, from various sources, all stemming from fear.  We can recognize our truth, though, because it always contains our highest thought.  When we are aware of a thought that comes from a lesser place, we can choose love, for the thought's source, and for ourselves for our forgetting.  In that moment we consciously create heaven on Earth.

Declaring yourself, from The Creative Life, is as follows:  "Take an inventory of negative or limiting declarations you have claimed for yourself.  You know your own list.  Recognize this is the conscious mind (the intellect) that judges by appearances and is not in tune with the creative flow.  Now turn them around using the words 'I AM.'  Identify yourself by the name of the Lord, I AM:

'I AM Life, vibrating as perfect health in every cell, organ and function of my body.'
'I AM the radiant Light of pure knowing.'
'I AM established in the divine flow of substance.'
'I AM protected.  I live under the shadow of the almighty.'
'I AM Love, and I AM secure in the energy of all true relationships.'

This is your creative genius, which knows its oneness with the Source (Infinite Mind, or God), and the words are powerful -- they are the spoken word of creation."

We always have a choice in the expression of ourselves that we paint onto the canvas of ongoing creation.  What picture of yourself do you want to bestow upon eternity?  Some of my declarations are that I am safe and protected as a blessed child of God, that I am a perfect and beautiful expression of light, and that the power of God the creator expresses in and through me.

Declaring yourself is claiming your best and highest as a being of light created in the image of God.  May your declarations always be worthy of you, and may this tool be a blessing. . .


  1. Wonderful post. You seem to understand the draw of Spirit. I believe that we are in a vanguard--a vanguard that can help take the world in a new direction. Thanks for being here to be a part of it all!

    Much joy and many blessings to you.

  2. Great post Sherry! Our name is like an energetic blueprint of who we are. And adding it behind the power words "I AM" is a great idea. I'd never thought of doing that. I also love your previous post, "God Is, I Am". Both affirmations have an instant calming and grounding affect.

    I've just spent a few minutes doing your breathing meditation on them in a combined way - "God Is, I Am" first brings a sense of groundedness and unity with All-That-Is. Then adding, "I AM, Becky" adds a sense of expansiveness and cosmic confidence.... and a sense of (paraphrasing Maryanne Williamson).... WHO do I think I am to play small!?

    Thanks for the great insights!
    - Becky

  3. Thank you for the great additions to this post! I too, believe we are in the forefront of realizing who we really are, and our ability to change the world. Who DO we think we are to play small? It is not the truth of us.

  4. Sherry,
    I linked into your blog from your icon on my blog. Thanks for visiting it!
    I find your latest post uplifting and feel your sweet spirit coming through the words on the screen. I love reading affirmations others find effective. The latest ones I've been using are: I let go of all expectations and I am happy, relaxed and content. It takes the angst out of my life and allows the flow of spirit free reign. Namaste, Barbara