Sunday, July 11, 2010

More Forgiveness

God answers my questions, often before I even know I have a question.  So I wasn't surprised when an answer came to me through Rev. Ken's message on forgiveness this morning.  I was grateful for his perspective.  His definition of forgiveness spoke to me:  "Forgiveness is letting go of our belief in sin and guilt."

When we remember, and accept, that nothing exists outside of God consciousness, there is no sin, only expressions of that divine consciousness.  There is nothing we need feel guilty for, and nothing we need to hold on to.  Forgiveness itself becomes unnecessary.

I learned long ago that there are no villians, and no victims.  Every challenging person or situation is a mirror we call to ourselves to reflect what remains hidden in darkness, so that we may heal, and grow.  All is constructed for us to learn to live as light.

We have all at times been subjected to others who did not have our best interest at heart.  We have also interacted with others in ways that didn't reflect our best.  These interactions are opportunities to choose and choose again; they prompt us to think about who we are and who we want to be on our path toward expressing our highest light.

Forgiveness creates freedom.  When we live without blame, or guilt, we trust the loving and divine intelligence that created this process of life.  We don't dwell on the small stuff, and instinctively turn the big stuff over to our own never-ending good.  We are free to use our life force in creating that good, and our joy sends ripples throughout humanity.  Forgiveness helps us heal ourselves, and our world.  It allows us to be part of the solution.  In each choice to forgive, we set ourselves, and our world, free.

May this tool be a blessing. . .

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