Saturday, July 17, 2010

Being Open to Receive

I write this from the island of Kauai, where from our cottage in the middle of lush green foliage and tropical flowers we can see a volcano in the distance.  The weather has been amazing, 85 degrees and humid, of course.  My skin soaks it up and my curly hair goes all frizzy, which is part of the total entertainment package.

Yesterday morning it rained, hard, that kind of tropical rain that I love.  As it pounded down on the metal awning covering our lanai, it soaked everything in a few minutes, and then the sun broke through and the whole world sparkled.  Thank you, God, for the opportunity to experience another tropical rainstorm.  It really is a wonderful world.

I am reminded of a great spiritual tool that I learned a few years ago, at a Unity book study group.  We were reading The Creative Life by Eric Butterworth, and discussing how in creating this life, we need to reconnect with the truth that we are expressions of divine mind, made in God's image to manifest all that we conceive as truth.  We are the light of the world, and our lights shine brightly when we seize that most holy birthright and trust in who we are.

One way to help remind our subconscious that we are one with universal creative energy is with the affirmation, "I am open to receive all of life's riches."  When I say this a few times, and let myself know the truth of it, I feel the subtle shift of energy in my body as I reconnect with the rightness of the moment.  Doubts and details are replaced with trust that as a child of ongoing creation, my will is God's will, and our will is for good.  I need only accept that as truth, or at least be open to the possibility of it.  The really wonderful thing is, just being open to the possibility is enough. We don't have to know our Godselves completely, in every moment.  A mustard seed of faith comes with just being open to the possibility that we could really be all that we imagine.

It was recommended in the study group that we repeat the affirmation, "I am open to receive all of life's riches" 100 times a day.  I don't normally do affirmations as a regular part of my spiritual practice, but during those six weeks I tried it.  The process was interesting.  I noticed that at first it just felt boring and repetitive.  Then it started to feel like maybe I was connecting with something bigger than how I usually think.  At times I knew I was talking to God, and she to me.  It became a mantra, and a prayer.

The energy of the affirmation changes depending on what word you emphasize in the sentence:  "I am open to receive all of life's riches," "I am open to receive all of life's riches," "I am open to receive all of life's riches."  All are parts of a larger whole, the truth that we can have, do or be all that we can imagine.  We could never be any less, as children of God.

Mike, and I with big hair, are off to seize the good this day brings!

May this tool be a blessing. . .  Aloha!


  1. Very nice Sherry. Being open to receive allows us to flow with all that the Universe can offer us. So many want, but are not open and yet do not understand why they get or don't get what they want/don't want.

    I still am trying to process the cottage in Kauai - that must be something incredible to experience! Enjoy!

  2. Good article. It's always important to remember that affirmations do not change the world or anything outside of ourselves. Affirmations change us. Then we move through the world differently. And what seemed hopeless before now becomes an opportunity. As we see our lives as blessed, they become blessed. It's that simple.

    Thanks again. Good stuff!