Friday, July 9, 2010

Creating With Intention

I am always fascinated by the process of creating.  I have come to absolutely believe in our ability to manifest anything at all that we can envision ourselves having, but I also recognize the ongoing challenge of forgetting who we really are, and what we are capable of.  This is, to me, at the very core of being human - growing in our remembering that we are spiritual beings first, unique sparks of unlimited creative consciousness,  experiencing physical form.  I believe that each one of us has the ability to change the entire world with our simple intention, if only we knew how to step out of the race consciousness that says we are far, far less than that.

It seems that the big question would be, then, "How do I possibly find that much faith?"  We all have within us seeds of the very same faith that Jesus knew, and the Buddha, and all other great spiritual teachers.  As Jesus said, "These things I do, and more, you shall do."  That is the simple truth.

I believe that there will be other way-showers to enlighten our path; maybe they are here now.  But in the meantime, what is a spiritually open, seeking, very grateful, but otherwise ordinary person to do?  How do we take that immense leap of faith that allows us, in the middle of countless indications to the contrary, to step up and create in totality as the expressions of God that we are?

It's hard enough to figure out how to do that in my own life when limits seem pretty darn real, let alone stepping up and deciding that I can change the whole world.  Thankfully we don't all have to remember completely, as Jesus did, who he was.  Our own remembering, moment by moment, is enough.  But that doesn't mean that we have to hold back from claiming our highest as children of God.  I read an interesting perspective by Wayne Dyer in his book, Manifesting Your Destiny, recently.  He says, "If you wait for everyone else to learn how to manifest their hearts' desires, you will not have enough time in this lifetime to even begin your journey.  You must unplug from your conditioning and know in that private space behind your eyes that you can and will take on the challenge of manifesting your destiny."

(I was given Wayne Dyer's book, which I'm enjoying immensely, by a fellow blogger, poet and very kind person and bright light in the world, Sandra Hendricks.  Her blog, This Should Help, is filled with all kinds of spiritual and uplifting stories and resources, and I highly recommend it.)

I was thinking this morning about a few of the big things that I have created in my life, things that meant alot to me and didn't feel at all attainable for a long time.  I realized that at the time I did very consciously take on the challenge of creating them.  In looking back, I remembered that even though I could picture these things and even put some effort into making them happen, they didn't.  I started to fear that they never would.

What changed for me, each time, was my level of intention, and commitment.  One noteworthy example is my current job, which I have loved for the past 10 years.  I had been applying for similar jobs for about a year, but had been out of the job market raising my kids, just doing some part-time work.  I wasn't getting any bites at all and was starting to believe I just wasn't going to get hired.  I decided to make a commitment to my career, and spent the next six months doing alot of soul-searching, meditation, and looking at not only what I could do but what I'd love to do.  I went through an amazing book by Maria Nemeth called The Energy of Money that helped me release limits on what I could have.

As a result of all of that, I decided on a career, and company where I wanted to work.  I wrote a list of important factors I wanted to create, including income, proximity to my house, and other things that were important to me, like being a valued member of a good team and making a contribution in the world.  Then I submitted my resume.  I'm still amazed when I think back to how easily it came together.  They called me in for the first interview, which went well.  The second interview didn't go as well, and I went home and lay on my bed and cried.  Then I turned it over to God, saying "I can't do this on my own.  I've been failing for a year and a half.  I turn this over to You.  Even though it seems like I completely blew it, I know there are ways I can't even see to let my good come to pass."

And it did.  I got the job offer shortly thereafter, at the location close to my home, and at a higher salary and with better benefits than I had intended.  Every single thing on my list came to pass.  I believe that the important part of this creation is that first of all I made the commitment to do my part to become very, very clear about what I wanted.  When I was waffling, the universe waffled, and nothing concrete can grow from that.  And then I turned it over to the unlimited creative consciousness that lives in all things.  Even when appearances looked like it was going to blow up in my face, again, I believed that God would find a way.  And she did.

Landing that job was my first unforgettable experience of how I can create, despite all appearances, my heart's desire, through active faith - committing to do my part, stating my intention to the universe, and then getting out of the way no matter what happens and knowing it will happen.  It was my first experience of true faith that God works in and through me.  And I haven't ever forgotten what that kind of unshakeable faith feels like.

May your faith in your unlimited creativity grow strong and tall, and may this tool be a blessing.

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