Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Remember! A Prayer of Gratitude

Thank you, God; I remember. I remember! Suddenly I am filled with unspeakable grace. My fear is replaced with the peace of knowing your presence in all things. I remember that all who are lost and hurting are held in love. Nothing happens that doesn’t hold an opportunity for remembering. All experience leads us down our path toward knowing you.

I remember, God, and release my concern to your hands, for all to be held in perfect love. Today’s struggles are like a drop in a vast ocean, but serve us well on our course toward the never-ending light.

There is no amount of confusion that cannot be sorted out, no amount of pain that cannot be healed. There is no amount of darkness solid enough to extinguish the light that exists in every thought, every action, and each and every breath we take. We can never make a mistake, for all choice serves our remembering. Even when the breath leaves this body we live on as you, in the soil, and the sun, and the wind, in all that is, and all that ever will be.

The challenges we encounter today are all part of divine order.  Heaven is right here in my heart, when I remember.

May this prayer be a blessing. . .


  1. Thank you Sherry that was just beautiful and resonated, as you say ( in the soil and the sun) how very true this is. lovely and reflective, you are an inspiration. Blessings Carley~ Namaste'

  2. Very touching. Thank you for sharing...