Monday, July 5, 2010

Being in the Center of Your Head

There is a spiritual space in the center of our heads from which we are better able to filter out much of the noise of the world, and more easily focus on consciously creating our experience.  Over the years, I've found the center of my head to be a very peaceful and enlightening place.  It is at once quiet and filled with all the colors of existence.

Being in the center of my head is a much different space from being in my heart, which I perceive as communion with God in his many faces, and all being right with the world.  Communion with God also exists in the center of my head, but it is a more personal communion where I find the steps of my own unique path in this lifetime.  It is where I go to be alone with my truth.

Because our attention is most often focused outside of us, on whatever situation we find ourselves in the middle of, we do not often go to the center of our heads.  It usually takes a conscious decision to do so.  The center of your head is located behind your eyes, and between your ears.

The center of the head is also where the sixth chakra sits, and so our clairvoyance.  It is where we can "see" the vibrations we or others experience in the form of colors or pictures.  In bringing our attention up into the center of our heads, we detach from the survival of the first chakra, or the struggles of the third chakra, to a more neutral place that to me often feels like a respite from the rest of the vibrational input of being alive.  In the center of my head, I can just be, and watch as all of creation is opened to me.

Following is a simple meditation on being in the center of your head:
1. Sit quietly for a few minutes, breathing deeply and comfortably, and allowing yourself to relax.
2. Bring your attention first back to yourself, and then to the center of your head.  To help direct my attention to this place, I sometimes place my finger on my forehead, and then allow my attention to come first to that spot on my forehead, and then from that spot further in to the very center of my head.
3.  Just breathe, and be, and notice what you notice.

Being in the center of one's head is much like sitting in an airplane's cockpit.  It's a spiritual space where we are able to see not only where we are, but where we've been.  It can also help us see a clearer path to where we're going.

May this tool be a blessing. . .