Monday, June 14, 2010


We live in a very synchronous universe. In an amount of time unfathomable to us, the sun will die out and our solar system will exist no longer. But now, within time as we are able to perceive it, the earth revolves around the sun on an amazingly regular schedule, tides ebb and flow, and we expect the predictable changes that come with one season following another.

Life is immensely interdependent. There are entire chains of lifecycles in nature that could not exist if one link in the chain for some reason didn’t come into being. One simple example is bees. I don’t think too much about bees, and shoo them away if they come too close. But they play a very important role in creating our food supply and maintaining biodiversity by pollinating many types of edible plants, trees and flowers. In many places bee populations are dwindling, and that puts our food supply at serious risk. There are countless examples of how components of our world work together in ways so perfect that they defy understanding.

Synchronicity is at work on an individual level as well. I love when I notice things coming together in ways that are so natural and seamless that I recognize the hand of something much larger than myself at work.

This happened the other day, as I was writing a post about grace. I knew that I wanted to write about grace, but wasn’t sure what I wanted to say. Sometimes I have a very clear picture about what I want to write; at other times I just sit down and start typing and see what I end up with. On the topic of grace, I just began to write. I remembered an idea that I had picked up from a book that I hadn’t looked at in years. When I glanced up, there the book sat on the bookshelf above my computer! Examples came to me and connected themselves together in my mind as I let my fingers type. The absence of any single piece would have changed the result. And so it is with all things creative, and with life in general!

I’ve found that synchronicity happens when we get out of the way and let the details of our intentions work themselves out in our subconscious without effort, allowing the individual parts to blend into just the right whole. The more I notice and am grateful for those moments that somehow just “work,” and the more I trust that I can step back and marvel at life’s creative process moving unhindered by my thoughts and expectations, the more space I make for that very powerful force to express itself in my life.

May this tool be a blessing. . .


  1. Life is more than just a string of accidents, it is tiny collective miracles!

  2. Hello, Sherry,
    Thank you for visiting my blog today and for leaving a comment. I have a feeling of deep recognition from reading some of the posts on your blog, like we are kindred spirits -- who knows, maybe our meeting is a synchronicity of sorts. I look forward to reading more of your work, both on Twitter and your blog.
    CJ Heck

  3. It is a blessing. I find that lately.... in these strange, confusing, chaotic times... Synchronicity provided a lighted stepping path!

  4. I feel that coincidences and synchronicity can play an important part in our lives - if we allow them to happen and become aware of them.

    It's 'magical' as things work out as we wish. It's possible to see how everything is linked together: the past, the present and the future.

    Coincidences for me arrive in clusters, often when I don't try too hard and let life just happen - providing I have a rough idea of what I want to do/achieve.

    It's an interesting subject.