Sunday, June 27, 2010

Believing in Miracles

I was thinking about miracles this morning, out walking my dog.  I am a big, BIG believer in miracles.  Miracles can be described as extraordinary events bringing good outcomes that could only be possible with God's intervention.  I expect miracles to the point that I sometimes take their occurrence for granted.   It's a helpful thing, trusting good enough to expect that it's just the way things are meant to be.  And while I do expect good, I always want to validate and nurture its limitless power in my life.  The following miracle story is, to me, worthy of sharing.

Last July I was delighted when my daughter and grandson came from Georgia for a visit.  I hadn't seen them for awhile, and my grandson, Oliver, got very heavy when I wasn't looking!   One evening I bent down and scooped up all 45 pounds of him, to show him something he wasn't tall enough to see.  I didn't bend my knees or consider my back at all, because I'd never had to before.  By the next morning, I knew that had been a big mistake.

It took a chiropractor, a number of physical therapy visits and six months for my back to get better.  I'm alot more careful now about how I move, but it got tremendously better.  About three weeks ago, my symptoms started returning and worsening.  The most distressing part of it was noticing my left leg weakening, especially since I enjoy backpacking and dancing and other active hobbies.  I stopped my activities, even walking, was icing it and being extra careful, but it seemed to be getting worse.  I was scared.

My favorite tool lately, when I'm scared or discouraged or feeling most in need of help, is to write a letter to God, and a few nights ago that's what I did.  I told God that I knew there was a way to fix my back, but I didn't know what it was.  I asked how I could think about the issue in the healthiest way.

I believe that there is always a spiritual cause behind illness or dis-ease, and God helped me remember the spiritual basis for the mechanical issue with my spine.  God responded in loving and simple language, in part, as follows:

"Responsibility is affecting your back.  Every time you begin to worry about someone's circumstances, remember your truth, and release it immediately into my hands.  Visualize a healing color coursing up your spine and through your entire body (today that color is light green).  Visualize your spine as perfectly aligned and cushioned, straight and whole and able to support you easily throughout your long, healthy life.  And then give thanks that it is done.  That is all you need to do, sweet one.  And you can do it.  I'm in your corner, cheering you on.  Love, God."

Tears come to my eyes in typing this, for the grace and love and simplicity of God's response to me.  It really is that simple.  All are perfectly held in their own life's creation, and we manifest what we envision, always.  We are infinitely and lovingly supported in this.  Thank you, God.

You can probably predict the outcome of my miracle story.  I did the simple things that God asked of me.  None of them was new to me, but in my increasing concern I forgot to do the things that I already know:  to ask and allow myself to be answered, to picture my intention and to turn over to God all that is not mine to handle.  The next morning (which was yesterday),  I woke up with all of my back symptoms gone, and they've been gone since.

Some might say that it was just coincidental timing, but I know differently.  The physical healing was dramatic, yes, but also, I just know.  These types of miracles happen all the time, coming to us with our challenges, and in many different ways.  The situation with my back reminded me yet again of who I am, what I am capable of, and the profound benevolent goodness that directs our existence.

May this tool be a blessing. . .


  1. oh thats a lovely experience... thnks for sharin!!!

  2. Beautiful!, lovely experience. I really enjoy reading your experiences,

  3. Thanks for visiting us on Blogcatalog. We're glad we found your blog (with your help!). Great reminders! Visualization of the desired outcome is key. Since we are co-creators of our reality, picturing our creation allows it to manifest. We'll be back often!

  4. I'm afraid I cannot agree with this type of thing. How can you be sure that what you 'heard' is the Lord's voice? What evidence do you have from scripture that this type of activity is what God sanctions? Your idea of miracle is quite wrong. A miracle is the signal intervention of God in the ordinary course of events that He in fact governs and controls. We have no power over creation and must submit to God and His wise plan. Please don't take this criticism as someone just wanting to pour scorn on what God has done. He alone is to be glorified. My Saviour Jesus Christ is the great miracle worker and the evidence of that is the millions of changed lives - changed by the gospel! He can heal. But He does also call us to suffer!

  5. Thank you for your sincere comment. I appreciate your strong commitment to your beliefs, and share your faith in the glory of God.
    Many blessings to you!

  6. As I am spending time on your blog I am feeling connected to you. You write in a simple yet very touching manner. It cannot be a mere coincidence that I read this post as presently I am also going through a back pain that has resurfaced after a long time and though I too believe like you that there is a spiritual cause behind the illnesses, yet I was not really paying attention and the message was right there in front of me as I read these lines from God, "Every time you begin to worry about someone's circumstances, remember your truth, and release it immediately into my hands." It is time that I do it. Thanks again for letting God speak to me through you. God bless you.

  7. Hi Sherry, am a little behind with your blogs as have just moved countries again for the second time in 4 years, but felt I wanted to say how much help they have given me and continue to give me - I 'forget' what I 'know' so often and they lift me up and point me back in the right direction. Thank you so much, am looking forward to catching up over the next few days. sending love, hugs and much laughter x