Sunday, October 3, 2010

Co-Creating With God

I was reminded at Unity this morning of a spiritual question I've been pondering for quite awhile.  A guest minister was talking about surrendering, and using the prayer "thy will be done."  For many years I have accepted the premise that the universe, God, our higher selves, however we choose to state it, will provide as we ask, and as we believe.  In a nutshell, ask, and it shall be given unto you, has been my truth.

It is still my truth.  I believe that we are limitless creators with the ability to manifest all that we can see ourselves being, and having.  It has been my experience that the clearer we are about what we want, the more likely it is to happen.   I also believe that turning anything over to God's will creates the highest outcome, because God sees so much more clearly than we do our heart's desires, and our deepest needs.

So my question to myself has been, in creating this life in the best and highest way, where do we stop being specific about what we want, and turn it over to God's will for us?

What I realized today was a great answer for me.  In thinking about what I have experienced in my life so far about creating, I realized that both are equally important.  It doesn't matter so much whether I feel like I am choosing, or God is choosing, because God exists as me.  We are one and the same.  What matters is the energy that the choice is happening in.

I have many times in my life felt certain about something specific that I wanted to have happen.  I saw it clearly in my mind, turned it over to God, and then let it go.  And sure enough, it did happen.  The important part was always that I turned it over to God, which is another way of saying "thy will be done."

I ask for specific things, but I also acknowledge that first and foremost I want what will bring the best and highest for me and all involved.  Often what I want does.  Sometimes, for some reason that I cannot see, it doesn't, and in that case I can trust that the best and highest is served in another way.

I remembered today that it is part of my birthright as an unlimited creator made in God's image to seek the best that I can be and have in this life.  And when I do it in an energy of surrendering to the divine intelligence of God's highest good, then all the good that I can imagine, and more, will come to pass.

May you create always with God as your copilot, and may this tool be a blessing. . .


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  2. I really like this. We're told to be as specific as we can so as to bring about, as closely as possible, what we really want. However, I believe God knows so much better than we do what is in our highest interest. I also love that you point out that God is within us, so trying to decipher who chooses what for us becomes a blurry quest at best. I like to visualize and tend to be pretty detailed but when something comes along that feels right, I'm willing to bend and open to accept what I'm given with gratitude.