Thursday, September 2, 2010

Adjusting Your Sails

Inspiration comes from unexpected places! I did a post a while back on some words of wisdom that I found on the foil wrapper of my Dove dark chocolate. It made my day to bump into the simple words that were just what I needed to hear. I’m happy to report that it happened again today.

This morning's foil wrapper reminded me that while we can’t control the ever-changing winds that blow through life, we can control how we move through them. Rather than doggedly holding firm to our expected course, doing our best to hold on as the rolling waves threaten to swamp our vessel, we can adjust our course.

The winds of change have been blowing through my life lately, and I’ve realized that trying to stop that change is much like trying to keep my boat steady on a course that threatens to overtake it. As much as I might like to keep my status quo, change is going to barrel through anyway.

Things are going to be different, and in some ways that scares me. I like things the way they are. I let myself become afraid of vague what-ifs that haven’t even happened yet. I’ve worked hard to construct my world into one that is peaceful and nurturing, and stable.

It’s sometimes easy to resist change, but without change our creativity would be stifled. We would never have the opportunity to move beyond our outdated concepts of the world and our place in it. We would not be challenged. Without challenge everything remains static, and that stands in the way of growth.

There’s no way to really know what unanticipated gifts will blow in with these changing winds. But I’ve learned that life unfailingly provides me with the experiences that I need to grow into my best self. So bring on the wind.

I might not be able to control it, but I can adjust the sails. And for that I am grateful.

May this tool be a blessing. . .


  1. I have found great joy in the realization that no matter what comes, I determine the ultimate outcome through the choices I make. Adjust the sails -- I like that!!
    We enjoy your blog -- have you on our blogroll

  2. I like the way you talk about adjusting sails too. It is easier for me to understand than the concept of impermanence that I've always had to rely on to explain this.

    Thank you. And thank you for your blog because it's making a difference in my days.