Monday, September 27, 2010

Calling All Angels

Most people go through life with no awareness of the immense level of support and love that’s extended to us from the realm of spirit. In my own life, I have been aware of the profound healing energy of Mother Mary, providing comfort and easing my pain during some of my more difficult times. I’ve become familiar with her vibration and recognize when she is at work in my life; her energy always brings the same feelings of deep peace and security when I’ve needed them most.

Many people are aware of having a guardian angel, which is a being that has made an agreement to step in and assist us in creating our good. Countless sensitive and intuitive people have come to know the work of a guardian angel in their lives, and even call on them in times of need to help with things they feel incapable of managing in the moment.

Vast numbers of people all around the world pray to Jesus for help and guidance, or seek the teachings of Buddha or Lao Tzu, or any of the other very capable way-showers who were our guides in their lifetimes and who as spirit continue to influence our lives for the good of all mankind.

Connecting with these benevolent and loving spirits can be done in prayer.  It can be done in the quiet of meditation by listening to our own inner knowing about the beings who assist us.  I have many times chosen to see in my mind's eye a color representing the vibration of one spirit guide who works for my good.  There are many.

I see all of these beings as wonderful angels of light who have agreed to help us navigate our biggest challenges as we’re working to remember that we, ourselves, are angels of light. They assist us by reminding us that we are not alone, and that we are always connected to the divine light of God’s endless good.

May this tool be a blessing. . .


  1. Yes we are always connected to God. How else was life possible? And so easy to feel that connection. Many tools on this blog help in feeling that connection.

    As an idol worshiper, it is natural and easy for me to see in mind's eye my savior, my guardian Angel - Krishna, in times when I need help, guidance or when playing with joy.

  2. Thanks for this lovely post, Sherry; it's beautiful and inspiring. God, "The Universe", beings, spirits...whatever you want to call them, there's so much more to life than just the three dimensions on Earth. The spirit world too, has many dimensions, and when necessary, we can connect with what we need and see them in our usual three dimensions on Earth.

  3. This is a lovely post. Late last year I had an experience when a wonderful woman who passed away protected me in the month after her passing. Her spirit traveled with me as I took a dangerous and emotional journey of self-discovery. She stayed with me just as long as I needed her and then I know she left to fulfil her other spiritual tasks and to find peace. The experience made me very aware of the spirits who protect everyone and to the ability to connect wtih them when necesary.

    I still check your blog every day. I totally love it! Thank you for it :)

  4. One or two guardian angels accompany every human being when they are born.

    I quote you:
    "Most people go through life with no awareness of the immense level of support and love that’s extended to us from the realm of spirit".

    It is very true. Do you know why many are not aware of this fact? It is because, they take credit to every thing that is happening in their life.