Thursday, September 9, 2010

Greeting the Day

I woke this morning with a prayer of gratitude, as I do on most days. It is one of the ways that I say hello to the gift of another day. Greeting the day in whatever way feels right is a wonderful way to consciously set the energy for what awaits me.

It can take my breath away, and did this morning, acknowledging the bounty that is mine in each day, in the middle of living my very ordinary but utterly phenomenal life. In those moments there sometimes aren’t adequate words, but I can feel my immense gratitude for being, and say “Thank you, God, thank you.”

The awareness of gratitude changes our perception and our experience as we open to the light of God within us. Let us cultivate gratitude!

It doesn’t matter if I’m tired or had an upsetting dream, or have a busy day ahead of me. Beginning the day by connecting with the profound truth of the perfection that I am born of puts things in perspective. I have another day on this earth, and I want to spend my day appreciating it.

There are many ways to welcome the day. My husband spends time in the early morning hours in our hot tub, doing his meditation and prayer as the sky lightens and the birds awaken with their song. Some people have specific rituals that validate being alive for the coming day, lighting a candle, or just sitting in the silence.  Whatever you choose to do to greet the day, cultivate gratitude.

May you revel in each precious day, and may this tool be a blessing. . .


  1. Beautiful! I find it difficult to make time in the morning but I want to work at that. I find the time around dusk to be my most quiet, spiritual time. I can stop and let go the day, knowing that the last few hours are just for me.

  2. Thank you for the reminder to take time to greet the day. I like your husband's ritual :)