Monday, November 22, 2010

Pulling the Aura In

I was reminded recently about the tool of pulling the aura in.  This tool can make our spirit much more comfortable navigating through the physical body.  Thank Goodness for spiritual tools!

The aura contains one's spiritual energy.  It is often thought of as the part of the spiritual energy that spills over outside of the body.  The aura has seven layers, and each of them corresponds to a chakra, or energy center, in the body.

Our energy centers are sensory in many ways.  Through them we experience feeling emotions, "seeing" energy as colors or pictures, or just "knowing," among other things.

The layers or the aura, and our chakras, can become overwhelmed with information if our aura becomes too big.  In general, keeping the aura pulled in to about 18 inches or so from the outside of the body is comfortable.  Consider the idea that we are affected by all of the energies going on around us to the degree that our aura is "taking it in."  The larger the aura, the more we have to take in, and then manage energetically.

Most of the time we don't recognize that all of the energetic "input" we receive really doesn't have anything to do with us.  We feel or sense something within ourselves, and assume that it must have to do with us.  Often that is not the case.

If we have inadvertently let our aura become as big as a room, or the entire house, we will be affected by all of the energies that are active there.  If someone is feeling frustrated or angry or depressed, we will pick it up and feel as if we need to do something to fix it.  Sometimes it doesn't feel like there's any other choice because we feel those emotions as if they are our own.

That is not to say that we don't want to be sensitive to what others, and our world, are going through.  But there are much more comfortable and healthy ways to heal what is going on around us, if we choose to.

First of all, ground your body and allow yourself to release.  (I wrote a blog called "Releasing" which describes this in detail.)

After you are grounded, allow yourself, in your mind's eye, to see, or with your knowing, to sense, how far out from your body your aura is.  If it encompasses a room, or your neighborhood, or your entire work environment, or someone else's environment, try pulling it in closer around you, so that it is about 18 inches from your body.

After we have pulled the aura in, we can set our intention, and create in any way that works for us.  By doing so we are able to be less affected by the vast barrage of energy that we encounter in a day, and to remain more clear, healthy and grounded as we create in the world.

May this tool be a blessing. . .


  1. I did both the grounding and pulling the aura in. I feel so calm and I feel good. my eyes were tired before the exercise and now they are not. I do recommend it to anyone, I am planning to do it often


    James Fontaine

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  3. Thank you for this term "Pulling the Aura In" ... for now I have a perfect term for what I sometimes find quiet necessary to do. I'm pulling my aura in. Wait till I tell my sister!

  4. quite not quiet. sorry.