Thursday, November 29, 2012

Being God in Otherwise Ordinary Moments

My feelings often turn to awe when I remember the precious gift that is this life. Along with those feelings, I end up wondering what is mine to do to best honor the gift I’ve been given. Like many others, I yearn to fully express the light of God that shines within me.

While at the same time realizing that all that happens is right and perfect and definitely enough, I am also aware of wanting to do more to share the greatness of my experience of being spirit in a body. And so today I am again left wondering, what is my spirit’s next step in expressing myself as God?

When I take the time to ask the question and then stop to hear the answer that wells up from deep within me, the answer always comes through different words but the essence is the same.

I am reminded that I have shared the many gifts I’ve been given not so much through the bigger, life-altering moments that I will probably remember for a lifetime, but in each and every small moment of my life.

I share the profound gift of divine wisdom living through me in every sacred moment that I live, when I consciously choose who I want to be, and then be that person.

It is through every small thought and action of each ordinary day that I choose to express the light that is always there shining brightly within me.

In any moment, I can choose the kindest possible interpretation of another’s actions, recognizing that I never have the complete story about someone else’s experience. I can speak clearly and truthfully, allowing the vibration of my truth to affect a situation.

In any moment I can consciously let go of fear by turning a situation over to God, allowing myself to be fully and joyfully present, knowing that all is unfolding for good. I can take an extra moment to smile at or hold a door for a stranger. Or I can stop often and acknowledge my deep gratitude, saying thank you for the light that lives in my heart.

All we need do is ask, as often as we’re aware enough to do it, “What would God within me do now? And now? What about now?” Our awareness of ourselves as God allows God full expression in the world. In every small moment that we are aware of this, we add ripples of ever-expanding light to our human experience. We make each moment extraordinary.

May you remember the God of your heart in your everyday experience, and may this tool be a blessing. . .


  1. Awesome reflection that mirrors my daily experience :) "let Go and Let God" It sounds like you are no longer a seeker, but a found!
    Blessings and Love,

  2. Beuatifully said Sherry, ask and wait for the answer, that is the way :)