Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Being Open

I am at a time in my life when my choices, both conscious and unconscious, are guiding me toward being more open. To do that I’ve had to see how fear keeps me closed down in resistance to what is. How automatic but unrealistic it is to assume that by resisting something we can keep it from happening, or control it somehow! Things unfold as they will, and I appreciate the opportunity I’m getting to see just how tiring and unproductive my struggling really is.

In this vast, amazing world we know that every combination of circumstances can, and does, occur to help us remember the truth. I know this, but it doesn’t stop me from digging my heels in when the situation is happening in my life, and causing me to worry over an outcome that might not go the way I want it to. Some things just feel like a problem when I’m looking at them from my human perspective.

I think I’m finally beginning to find the blessed happy medium, where I can step up in action toward a goal or outcome that I believe in, but not need to hold on so tightly to the outcome.  It is important to remember that my perspective is valuable, and that my efforts in pursuing them are good enough regardless of the outcome.

As worthy as I may feel a direction is, there is so much more in the mix in the form of all of the other people who I share my experience with, and what is helpful to them in their growth and remembering.

We all see things through our own unique lenses, and our opinions shift. Sometimes we’re clear, but at other times we’re afraid. People get sick. Finances change. Even with the best laid plans, stuff happens.

We never really know what’s coming around the bend because it’s dependent on what will serve our collective good, and that’s an awful lot of variables. But the one thing that we can trust is that it is all working for our good, and because of that we can learn to let go. We can do our active part to the best of our ability, and then let the outcome unfold as only divine wisdom can orchestrate.

In trusting that the outcome is never in question, we can be fully open to our path, knowing that however it unfolds, we can fearlessly express the divine within. We can also be open to others’ experience, acknowledging the divine expressing in them, also.  That is a precious gift, to live in open, joyful expression of ourselves, without concern about the outcome.

May you trust enough to stay open to what comes, and sing the song in your heart through it all. And may this tool be a blessing. . .

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