Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Letting the Best Happen

The world shows up to us in the way that we expect.  We have no idea of the extreme power that our expectation has in taking what we are given, and turning it into reality.  It's the difficult times that allow us to bring this power forward most dramatically, when we can turn a distressing circumstance into a miracle, all by what we choose to expect.

I've learned to be grateful, or at least be willing to try to be grateful, when a situation arises that makes me feel hopeless or out of control.  In these moments I am given the opportunity to own who I really am, a child of God able to spin the rough straw of an unpleasant situation into the bright, precious gold that is the truth I wish to create.

There is no painful reality that can persist when I hold it next to Divine Consciousness.  Sometimes I picture the problem out in front of me, looking very dark and sharp-edged, and then watch as Divine Consciousness surrounds it in a gold light that opens and softens, and all good things are again possible.  For me this is an example of heaven on Earth, our ability to create as God in human form.

In those moments when we are most challenged, all we need do is offer the prayer to "Let the very best happen," and it is done.  In this way we are like alchemists, using the laboratory of our human experience to transmute what is the most base in us to our highest, most noble expression.  We can repeat this prayer as often as needed, expecting that it will happen, and then stand back and watch as our unlimited power manifests and we express ourselves as God.

When we are confused or angry or scared, turning it over to Divine Consciousness to simply let the best happen relieves us of the burden of staying that way, and of needing to have solutions when we're feeling the most stuck.  It creates space for the vast creative power that lives within us and in all things to work its magic.  As we expect the best and highest outcome, it is done unto us.

May you invoke many miracles by letting the best happen, and may this tool be a blessing. . .