Monday, February 13, 2012

Being God, in the Middle of an Otherwise Ordinary Life

Another door has opened on my personal spiritual path, and so the direction of this blog is getting ready to take an exciting new turn.

Daily Spiritual Tools has always been about remembering the deep, abiding truth within us that we are God. I've delighted in sharing many of the tools I've learned and used, and in celebrating the spiritual teachers who have affected me so profoundly, both in person and through the books they've written.

The spiritual tools in this blog have literally saved my life, as they have helped me remember that I am its sole creator. Knowing that with ever-growing certainty has taken me from seeming hopelessness to truth, and has been a deep joy.

My heart is urging me now to put more "feet" to the truth that the tools so consistently help me remember. And so I move into a new phase of turning my remembering truth into practicing it much more consciously. Jesus said, "Ye are Gods," and I believe that to be true. As God, I'm ready to try my hand at creating some miracles!

I've been aware of creating miracles before, at least I thought they were miracles, except when my head was telling me they were coincidences. Creating the job I now have was the most conscious act of creating the seeming impossible that I'd ever done, and it's still hard to own it as the miracle that it was 13 years later. One thing's for sure, if I'm God, then I want to take all I've been given and run with it!!

Right now, thinking about it, there are quite a few miracles in the hopper. As God, I can heal my back of the herniated disc that's been keeping me in pain at night and thinking of the troubling stories I've heard from others with progressing back troubles. Mostly I forget that I can create this miracle and so I worry instead.

In the middle of having a son in college, an aging mom who needs financial help, investments that sunk, housing values that went in the wrong direction, and approaching retirement, I forget, too, all the time that I can create the miracle of abundant money. This is just the beginning of the many small and large miracles I want to create!

I plan to focus on creating the miracles that are important to me, especially the ones that seem unattainable. If all goes well, I'll move on to even bigger ones as this becomes clearer to me. The highest and best part of me knows that I can create any and all miracles that I choose, but that part is also very quiet, getting lost in the noise of why I can't. 

I was was going to say wish me luck, but God doesn't need luck, right? I have a feeling I'm about to find out. . .


  1. I see you abundantly successful and joyfully enjoying each new step as your miracles unfold!