Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Here!! Daily Spiritual Tools, the Book

I am proud to announce that Daily Spiritual Tools is now available as an e-book.  I received feedback from many of this blog's followers that they would appreciate these tools in book form, and am happy to say that it has come to fruition!

Daily Spiritual Tools celebrates the existence of the divine in all human experience.  It’s a compilation of 79 meditations and simple practices that open our awareness to perfect and divine order within all things.  As humankind moves from a truth of spirituality “out there” to one of God expressing as each of us and in all things, the tools contained in the book help us accept that truth and know it as our own.  In doing so we help elevate others and our world.

I've said many times that I write to remember, and Daily Spiritual Tools has been a labor of love, and remembering, for me.  Through this blog I have had the opportunity to connect with amazing people from all around our wonderful world.  It's uplifting to know that there are so many like-minded souls working to raise the consciousness of the world one person at a time.  I am sincerely grateful for your kindness, insight and love.

Copies of Daily Spiritual Tools, the Book, are available through Amazon.com and smashwords.com.  If you know someone who might enjoy reading my book, I would appreciate your spreading the word in any way that seems appropriate.

May this book be as much a blessing to you in reading it as it has been to me in writing it...

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