Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Seeing Things From a Distance

In the middle of the trees, it’s hard to see the forest.  And oftentimes while in the midst of our life’s circumstances it’s hard to see the bigger picture playing out.  Getting caught up in the details that are apparent on the surface is part of being human, and sacred because it allows us to fully experience our humanness.  It provides the opportunity for us to struggle with challenges, and learn from them.  Through our humanness we are graced with forgetting, and then blessed with remembering that all is for our good.

Still, sometimes it feels like we struggle more than we need to, and we long to find a way to access the awareness of perfection at work in our human experience.

Lately, when I’ve been caught up in circumstances, I have chosen to step back, and view them from a distance.  And just as if I had been able to take a glass elevator up from the forest floor to a space high above, my limited view opens up to take in a broader perspective.

We can do this on a spiritual level any time we want to step out of a situation and view it from a more neutral place.  All that it requires is to be aware of pulling your energy back from it, and then watching what enfolds.

One technique I learned many years ago during my years with the Berkeley Psychic Institute is to “go to the corner of the room.”  Start by spending a few minutes in relaxation with your eyes closed.  Then allow your energy (or whatever you would like to call it - your spirit, the observer, God within you) to move up to a corner of the room.  From this perspective, look down at yourself, and let spirit within you see from a higher vantage point. 

From this distance, you may want to notice what thoughts and emotions are moving through your body.  Because you are not in that moment caught up in the situation, you are able to see it more completely.  As the observer you are able to be more neutral and less reactive. 

As moving our attention to this observer's perspective becomes more comfortable, we are able to shift to it in an instant, eyes open, by pulling our energy out of a situation just enough that we are for a time not part of it, but watching it without judgment.

We can use this tool any time we want to approach something from a less reactive and limiting outlook.  In any moment that we choose to become the observer of our experience rather than caught up in unconscious reaction, we are brought directly into present time.  And from our perspective as fully-present in this moment, we connect with the truth of our being.  We align with what is.  For that moment we are timeless, and we live in the miracle of ongoing creation.

May this tool be a blessing. . .

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  1. That is nice , seeing from a distance but feeling closer .