Monday, January 24, 2011


Hope springs eternal. I’ve heard this saying countless times, but never stopped to consider the profound truth of it. There is always hope. As long as we live to create another day, we have the opportunity to witness outcomes that may have previously seemed impossible.

It’s human nature to base our expectations on what we see on the surface. We tend to make assumptions based on things that seem important but really aren’t in the bigger scheme of things.

What happened in the past has no bearing on how things will turn out now. We are much bigger than that, as limitless expressions of divine consciousness. In each moment we can find ourselves creating something really great, something that never felt quite within reach before. With each breath there exists the possibility of a door opening that had been closed to us, a change of heart, a new direction, or an answer to a nagging question or problem.

In my life I’ve watched things that didn’t seem possible happen. Many times. I still get stuck in worry and limiting beliefs, but I’ve realized that I’m meant to see the truth, even if it means getting smacked in the head with it over and over.

The highest good prevails, always and in all ways. We can attract our good, be it more time, more joy, a more fulfilling job, or the relationship of our dreams. We just have to be grateful and get out of the way.

Having hope is believing in miracles. In our small challenges and in the darkest of days, it is holding on in shaky trust to that whisper that says “There will be a way through.” We don’t need to know when, or how; we just need to acknowledge that gentle voice of truth within us. And we can trust that the light that exists in all things waits with flawless timing to illuminate our profound good.

May you have the very highest of hopes, and may this tool be a blessing. . .

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