Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I learned about amusement as a spiritual tool at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. It took me awhile to understand the value of it. I still have a hard time remembering to use it as the very helpful tool that it is.

In the middle of our biggest challenges, it’s not easy to be amused. Challenges, by definition, are not amusing. We are much more likely to feel confused, frustrated, hopeless or angry. But consider the benefit of finding just one morsel of amusement in a really difficult situation.

What I notice is that the effect the situation is having on me changes. If I can muster up even one thought about how silly the whole thing is, suddenly its power over me is diminished. It no longer sets my emotional tone. The situation is instantly put in its proper place as a temporary problem. I guess the biggest thing for me about finding a little amusement is that it puts me back in the space of truth, when I remember that I, not the situation, am the creator of my experience.

I have chosen (when I remember) to find a smile within myself for what other people do. More often, I’ve needed to smile at the things that I do, and how I react. A little amusement helps me not take myself, or life in general, too seriously. Oh, to remember this always!

I have tried to find some amusement in the small challenges, and in big ones. As one would expect, it’s easier with the smaller things. But even with the bigger things, our perspective, and our ability to believe that our ultimate good is unfolding, always affect our experience.

We are gloriously human, in an ongoing process of remembering that all is well, we are safe, and God’s good contains all. When I remember that, the world can be a very entertaining place!

May this tool be a blessing. . .

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