Monday, January 14, 2013

Giving Life to Your Dreams

The new year is a time of hope for our dreams.  Every January, we step into that time when the slate feels more clear, even if conditions are mostly the same as they had been in December.  People feel drawn to create resolutions to do things better, or to make the new year more meaningful or fulfilling in some way.  It is at this time more than at any other time of year that many feel inspired to take a step up in what they can do or have.  I love the holiday season and the new year for many reasons, but mostly because we are more open to possibilities.

People may or may not follow through with their resolutions, but the important part is the dream itself.  Just being open to the possibility that we can create what we envision for ourselves is a very powerful consciousness.  

When we are even slightly open to manifesting our good, even if we previously hadn't been able to figure out how to make it happen, we trust in a universe that always delivers what we expect.  The divine consciousness that we embody is just waiting to provide all of our heart's desires.  We just need to find the place in our heart that is open to the possibility, know it is done, and then do our active part in moving toward it.

I'm finding on my own path, as I glimpse in tiny pieces and in fits and starts the possibility of myself as God, that taking action toward my dreams is the easier part.  Staying connected to the quiet voice within that knows without any doubt what I want and need, what's mine to do in every situation to create the highest outcome for myself and everyone involved, and my inherent capacity to do all of it (and knows this with completely peaceful and joyful ease), is more challenging!

Life is busy, and for me hearing God within means making time to create a relationship with her.  She is always here, but I can't know her quiet, powerful, resonant presence if I don't stop every day and be alone with her, without any distractions.  I can say hello to her quickly in the midst of my day, just to say, "Thank you, God, I am here!"  And that is wonderful.  But I also need to gift myself with the precious time I need to stop and really listen.

When I spend time with the God of my heart my dreams come alive, because all things are possible.  I see my dreams as joyful possibilities that are already complete in spirit, but that I have the amazing opportunity to watch unfold on this physical plane.  The world, and my life, are my playground, and I am born again as a child to myself.

May you stop to hear the God in your heart that is your dreams, and may this tool be a blessing. . .

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