Monday, October 3, 2011

Being Luscious

My husband and I recently began facilitating Unity’s fall book study program, which this year is focusing on a book called Who Have You Come Here to Be? by Kelly Isola. With this outwardly simple but thought-provoking book, we have an opportunity to explore 101 different states of being, identifying which most strongly speak to our hearts, and why.

The first chapter focuses on attributes which she associates with the element “fire.” (In later chapters we will explore states of being that correspond to earth, air and water.) I have to say, it was an interesting exercise. I don’t think of myself as particularly “fiery,” but I noticed that I admire many of those attributes, and would like to express more of them. Many people in our group noticed how much they identify with certain characteristics to the exclusion of others. We tend to become comfortable with our way of expressing ourselves in the world, learning over time what “works” for us. Consciously choosing to exhibit characteristics other than what are typical for us can be a very scary prospect.

For example, what if someone who strongly identifies with and expresses more quietly and peacefully (me) decides to incorporate an uncharacteristic level of “fire” in her personality. Well, I decided to try it.

The attribute that jumped out at me was “luscious.” I hadn’t before thought of luscious as a state of being, but to me it describes living life with passion, so I decided to “try it on” for the week. It was fun hearing what other people were drawn to, and what they envisioned life would look like if they were expressing that particular quality.

What I’m finding so far is that I love “being” luscious. As I expected, it has so far been a very conscious intention to find passion in the small moments of my life. With the intention of not just living a luscious life but “being” luscious, I stop and really see the sunrise, or enjoy the moments petting my funny old dog. This morning I noticed the lusciousness of the purple color I am wearing, and I’m enjoying being aware of that bold color today. Each time I am more aware of these small things is a celebration of living.

I’ve also noticed that choosing to be luscious pulls me back to the present, because I can’t be luscious if I’m not right here in the moment living it fully. Luscious is a right now kind of thing.

When I’m choosing to be luscious I don’t sweat the small stuff as much, because it’s overshadowed by all of the delicious and truly magnificent details that are right here waiting to be experienced in every moment of this sacred life.

I love being luscious, because I’ve decided that nothing is more important than being present and having all of it, as much as I possibly can. What I do doesn’t matter nearly as much as remembering that I am.

In choosing to be luscious I honor my precious life, and am a blessing to the world, and to myself. It is where my inner light burns most brightly. I guess I can be fiery! So, today I choose to live lusciously, openly, passionately, and with tremendous gratitude!

May you celebrate the luscious in your life, and may this tool be a blessing. . .

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  1. I love this post :) What a beautiful way to be in the now! Have an amazing day dear one!