Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finding the Life in Your Life Situation

I love the wisdom of Eckhart Tolle.  I am currently reading for the second time his book, "The Power of Now," and am discovering some wonderful insights that I somehow missed the first time through.

Tolle, and many others, teach that the ego-driven mind is the basis for all that separates us from knowing ourselves, and all others, as God.  It's an interesting and powerful idea.  The mind, which is the cause of all suffering, is also our most powerful vehicle for getting out of suffering.  It is through the fearful thoughts of forgetting that we are provided the grace of remembering who we are.

In the Now all is well, for in this very moment, what is lacking?  Lack exists only as a construct of time, in the future or from the past.

What delights me and puts it into great perspective is that regardless of life circumstances, regardless of what we've carried from the past or are concerned about in the future, underlying all is that we are here.  We live.

Situations exist in our thinking, and are subject to change from moment to moment depending on the random places our thoughts travel to.  In the middle of all of those engrossing thoughts we could spend an entire lifetime so focused on the details of living that we forget that we are life.

That mysterious, vibrant being is us, as we move through our days choosing our course and experiencing the effects of our decisions.  In every moment our unique voice adds its resonance to the harmony of ongoing creation.  The whole is forever changed because we are.

Underneath life's situations we breathe; we feel and learn and grow.  Time moves on and situations change, but through it all, God sings her song of infinite joy through our beating hearts.

May this tool be a blessing. . .


  1. Hi Sherry, you visited my blog, some time ago. Unfortunately I have not worked on my blog for while, but I came to have a look at yours. Lovely content, and I love the fact that you too have Neal Donald Welsh book on your reading list. I have them all and absolute love them. I keep re-reading them and find every time I pick up something new. Many blessings Claudia

  2. Very insightful post and you are so right...our random thoughts can have us perched on a plateau indefinitely and with no clue on how to climb upward or even the realization to move at all being lulled to sleep in our present state of consciousness/situation! People don’t realize how powerful thoughts and words are even though our Creator speaks about these same things continuously throughout the Book of Life (Bible). Just as you mentioned in your bio, I have been a Truth seeker my entire life as well. On the crossroads of my journey I was enlightened by ‘The Game of Life’ by Florence Scovel Schinn; I see that you have it listed in your browsing library. This book changed my life! I was young enough at the time I received it that I raised my children on the principle of the power of your thoughts and words linked up with a strong Christian foundation. I have watched them bring abundance into manifestation in all areas of their lives with awe. So, glad to meet you, Sherry. Thanks for sharing your blog with me = ) – BeeBee @healthytrendsny