Sunday, February 6, 2011


Matching is a wonderful tool that I learned about during my years with the Berkeley Psychic Institute.  Matching is a way to align ourselves with the energy of something that we would like to create more of in our lives.

We live in a creative universe.  Not only do we live in the midst of unlimited creative potential, we embody that potential.  Anything, any thing, that we focus our intention on, is made manifest in our experience.  Sometimes we are conscious about our choosing, and sometimes we are not.  Matching is a tool that helps us create a conscious outcome.

Matching is a very simple but powerful tool.  Let's say you are attending a class or a workshop on a topic that you are interested in.  As you listen to the instructor speaking, you really wish you could be so knowledgeable and at-ease with the topic.  In that moment the instructor is personifying what you want but do not yet have, and it may trigger feelings that you could never be that good.  In your mind you may try to find something about that other person that brings him down a bit.

None of us probably wants to acknowledge that we sometimes think this way, but this type of competition is common enough in human interaction.  The thing is, it isn't helpful for anyone in creating our best outcomes.  In this dynamic the person being "brought down" to the level of what another person hasn't yet been able to own feels invalidation.  And the person who doesn't feel "there yet" just reinforces his erroneous belief about what he can't have.

Enter the tool of matching!  When there is something we want but don't yet have, maybe something that we envy in someone else, matching can allow us to bring into our awareness our own ability to create it.

It works, as all spiritual tools do, by aligning us with the vibration of what we want to own in our experience.  All things, all thoughts, emotions, interactions, material things, are at their core a vibration of energy that can be sensed, and also "seen" as color.  Our ability to "see" the energy of a thing, called clairvoyance, is an ability that we all have.  It comes to us naturally as spiritual beings experiencing a physical reality.  Our clairvoyance takes no special skill or training, and is easier to engage than most people realize.

To try this tool:
1. Begin by taking a few minutes to close your eyes, breathe deeply and comfortably, and quiet your mind a bit.
2. In your mind's eye (also known as your 6th chakra), allow yourself to "see" a color that corresponds to the thing that you want to create.  There is no need to second-guess the color that you see; go with what you see and trust it.
3. Then, see yourself using that color to "paint" the top of your head, or the "crown" or 7th chakra, which is our connection with our deepest knowing.  See this happening but don't get stuck on it needing to look any certain way.  What you see is perfect.
4. Thank the creator within you, for you have now asked and will be answered.

What I love most about spiritual tools is that they provide different ways to commune with the divine consciousness that lives within us, and in all things.  Spiritual tools are prayers.

So if there is anything that you're wanting to create, match it!  What you see yourself having is yours, so let it happen.

May this tool be a blessing. . .


  1. Thank you for this wonderful, simple reminder!

  2. simply brilliant!
    very well written.
    btw...have you ever wondered, how cool would that be if everyone in a city observes silence for a day?
    just have a read