Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bringing the Crown Chakra to Gold

The 7th chakra, or crown chakra, at the top of our heads, contains the seat of our knowing.  It is the energy center from which we connect with our deepest truth.  When we pull information seemingly “off the top of our heads,” the crown chakra is being accessed.

The crown chakra, like the other chakras and layers of the aura, can be affected by external vibrations of energy that don’t necessarily belong, but become “stuck” there, so to speak.  When outside energy affects the crown, we lose our clarity, and we can feel like we’re having a hard time finding our way.  We can lose our certainty in our ability to create the outcomes that are truly worthy of us as unlimited creators made in God’s image.

One simple tool for clearing the crown chakra is to “bring it up to gold.”  The color gold is to many the vibration of our highest truth, the hand of God in all things.  To me, it represents that vibration that overrides anything that is less than perfect good.

Bringing the crown chakra up to gold resets that spiritual center to the awareness of the best and highest that we can imagine.  Within this vibration is our deepest peace, our most profound joy, abundant health and limitless creativity.

To bring your crown chakra up to gold:
  1. Sit quietly, close your eyes, and allow yourself to relax by breathing deeply and comfortably for a few minutes.
  2. In your mind’s eye, begin to picture the top of your head, and visualize in any way that you’d like the 7th chakra that resides there.  (You might see this as a cone shape with the point toward your feet.  I usually visualize it as a spinning sphere, just because that’s how I started seeing it.  Or you might just picture the top of your own head and know that your chakra is there.)
  3. Then, in your imagination, which is our most important tool for creating, picture yourself taking a paintbrush in hand, dipping it into a bucket of bright gold paint, and thoroughly painting your 7th chakra in gold.
  4. When it feels complete, take a few more deep breaths and notice any changes in how you feel.  Open your eyes to a new awareness!
I love this tool!  It's simple, and silly, and an infinitely powerful expression of God within us.  Every time I practice it, I am reborn in truth.  In any moment, we can make the choice to reset our experience to a much higher vibration.   And in that moment, we are reborn to the spirit of God within us.

May you create your experience with a child's wonder, and may this this tool be a blessing. . .


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